Region 2
Rocky Mountain Region
Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming
740 Simms St., Golden, CO 80401-4720
Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (MT)
Phone 303-275-5350; Hearing Impaired: 303-275-5367
E-mail: Mailroom
Daniel Jirón Regional Forester 303-275-5450
Terri Gates Chief of Staff 303-275-5427
Elayne Boyce Acting Executive Assistant 303-275-5451
Dan McCusker Acting Deputy Regional Forester, Operations 303-275-5449
Sarah LaDell Acting Executive Assistant 303-275-5448
Fax 303-275-5482
Bunni Maceo Acting Director, Acquisition Management 303-275-5280
Florence Navarro Director, Civil Rights 303-275-5501
Mary DeAguero Director, Engineering 303-275-5170
Jim Bedwell Director, Recreation, Lands and Minerals 303-275-5135
Debbie Boggess Director, Regional Budget Office 303-275-5136
Brian Ferebee Deputy Regional Forester, Resources 303-275-5452
Sarah LaDell Acting Executive Assistant 303-275-5448
Fax 303-275-5482
Valerie Baca Director, External Affairs 303-275-5118
Jacque Buchanan Director, Renewable Resources 303-275-5014
Mike Holifield Director, Resource Information 303-275-5150
Willie Thompson Director, Safety, Fire & Aviation Management 303-275-5736
Rick Cooksey Director, State & Private Forestry, Tribal Relations 303-275-5750
Jim Zornes Director, Strategic Planning 303-275-5161
Rapid Response Team
Jon Sams Team Member 303-275-5468
Kelsey Pike Team Member (will be joining the team around mid-April) 303-275-5760
Chief Information Office
Fax 303-275-5366
CIO Employees in the RO
Paul Zedeck Desktop Support Supervisor 303-275-5738
Debbie Milner Client Liaison, R2 & Job Corps 303-275-5422
Gabe Alvarado Desktop Support 303-275-5757
Kay Shelden Provisioning Specialist 303-275-5270
CIO Employees in Denver area – Fed Center and Telework
Anthony T Frey Frequency Manager 303-205-8120
Art Clinton Field Data Acquisition Coordinator 303-205-8125
Bill McCabe Telecom Service Area Tech 303-205-8106
Corinne Fazzio Telecom Ordering Specialist 303-646-1089 telework; 303-205-8134 Office (Thurs)
Gary Schmidt Video Architect 303-205-8103
Jackie Doll Governance Specialist 303-236-0637
Jason J Renyolds Enterprise Messaging Specialist 303-205-8107
Jenna Yeager Information Management Specialist 303-205-8124
Jesus Gonzalez Radio Designer 303-205-8118
Kathy Miller COR 303-205-8112
Keith Skeldon Enterprise Security Specialist 303-205-8105
Robin Wall National Program Analyst 303-205-8102
Mark Hooper Lead Service Area Tech – Colorado 303-205-8118
Rick Barrett System Administrator (contractor) 720-210-4192 telework
Stacy Martinez IT Specialist 303-205-8113
Tere Desilva Engagement Manager 303-275-5624 SouthPlatte RD
Thomas R Turner IT Project Manager 303-205-8109
Timothy J Thulin IT Specialist, Integrated Engineering 303-205-8110
William Claar Radio Designer 303-205-8110
Human Resources Management - ASC HRM
Jay Peno Human Resources Officer - Director 303-275-5291
Phillip Barricklow Admin Support Assistant 303-275-5751
Daniel Mundell HR Assistant-Staffing 303-275-5005
Keith Anna Supervisor, Classification & Staffing 303-275-5227
Brian McKinney HR Specialist-Staffing 303-275-5279
Desiree McCool HR Specialist-Staffing 303-275-5414
Joseph Farris HR Specialist-Classification 303-275-5334
Natasha Gillisipie HR Specialist-Staffing 303-275-5776
Shay King HR Specialist-Staffing 303-275-5263
Employee Relations
Mary Painter Supervisor, Employee & Labor Relations 303-275-5317
David Wood Employee & Labor Relations Specialist 303-275-5086
Denise Edmond Employee & Labor Relations Specialist 303-275-5076
Vacant Employee & Labor Relations Specialist 303-275-5334
Vacant LMR Asst 303-275-xxxx
Law Enforcement and Investigation
Laura Mark Special Agent in Charge 303-275-5253
Fax 303-275-5241
Brenda Alvarado Program Specialist 303-275-5268
Vacant Program Assistant 303-275-5394
Investigations Branch
Heiko Bornhoff Assistant Special Agent in Charge 303-275-5344
Brenda Rice Special Agent, Durango, CO 970-385-1311
Ben Leach Special Agent, Fort Collins, CO 970-498-2507
Scott Bragonier Special Agent, Cody, WY 307-578-5108
Travis Lunders Special Agent, Rapid City, SD 605-716-1995
Vince Sidders Special Agent, Pueblo, CO 719-553-1446
Enforcement Branch
Dan Nielsen Patrol Commander 303-275-5238
Shawn Graef Patrol Captain, Central Zone 307-745-2451
Nancy Martinez Patrol Captain, North Zone 605-673-9210
Chad Scussel Patrol Captain, Southeast Zone 970-295-6678
Karyl Yeston Patrol Captain, Southwest Zone 970-874-6624
Office of the General Counsel
740 Simms St., Golden, CO 80401-4720 303-275-5555
Fax 303-275-5557
Lisa Christian Regional Attorney 303-275-5536
Kenneth Paur Deputy Regional Attorney 303-275-5551
Millicent Haupt Regional Administrative Officer 303-275-5543
Barbara Terry Legal Assistant (Contractor) 303-275-5544
Natural Resource Team
Randy Bramer Senior Counsel 303-275-5537
Lois Witte Senior Counsel 303-275-5535
Daniel Rosenbluth Senior Counsel 303-275-5540
Heather Hinton-Taylor Attorney, Advisor 303-275-5534
Kenneth Capps Attorney, Advisor 303-275-5538
Vacant Paralegal Specialist 303-275-5541
Commercial Team
Thomas Japhet Attorney, Advisor 303-275-5552
Helena Jones-Siddle Attorney, Advisor 303-275-5550
Vacant Attorney, Advisor 303-275-xxxx
Vacant Paralegal Specialist 303-275-5544
Pollution Control Team
Kirk Minckler General Attorney 303-275-5549
Michael Hope Attorney, Advisor 303-275-5545
Diane Connolly General Attorney 303-275-5551
O. D. Duhu Paralegal Specialist 303-275-5542
Holly Fliniau Field Coordinator, Hazardous Waste Materials Management Group 303-275-5547
WO, Minerals & Geology Management
Vacant Deputy Director xxx-xxx-xxxx
Vacant Staff Assistant 303-275-5371
Geological Resources, Hazards & Surface Management
Melody Holm Assistant Director 303-275-5094
Joe Gurrieri Hydrogeologist 303-275-5101
Johanna Kovarik Geologist 303-275-5378
Mike Fracasso Paleontology Program Coordinator 303-275-5130
Leasable Resources
Sherri Thompson Assistant Director 303-275-5147
Tim Abing Senior Geologist, Oil & Gas 303-275-5250
Sharon Deuter Land Law Examiner, Leasing Team Lead 303-275-5098
Sitka Pence Land Law Examiner 303-275-5372
Steve Klimetz Oil & Gas 303-275-5095
Tom Williams Oil & Gas & R02 Liaison 303-275-5709
Locatable, Salable Minerals & Abandoned Mine Lands
Jim DeMaagd Assistant Director 303-275-5473
Scott Ludwig Reclamation ⁄ AML 303-275-5099
Vacant Senior Physical Scientist Abandoned Mine Lands 303-xxx-xxxx
Maribeth Gustafson Deputy Regional Forester, Operations 303-275-5449
Sarah LaDell Acting Executive Assistant 303-275-5448
Fax 303-275-5482
Mark McFall Safety Program Manager 303-275-5197
Acquisition Management
Bunni Maceo Acting Director 303-275-5284
Fax 303-275-5453
Bunni Maceo Deputy Director 303-275-5280
Vacant Office Manager 303-275-5258
Acquisition Management Policy Support Group
Sue Corbeil Lead Procurement Analyst 303-275-5789
Charlotte Montoya Purchasing Agent 303-275-5471
Dan Harder Procurement Analyst ⁄ BCM 303-275-5278
Grants and Agreements
Becky Cuthbertson Lead Grants & Agreements Specialist 303-275-5068
Angela Parks Grants & Agreements Technician 303-275-5355
Cristie B. Lee Grants & Management Specialist 970-295-6649
Darci Miller Grants & Management Technician 303-275-5228
Karla Swenson Grants & Management Specialist 307-578-5189
Marty Wester Grants & Management Specialist 970-295-6687
Vacant Grants & Management Specialist 303-275-5273
Property and Leasing Group
Scott Foos Supervisory Property Management Officer 303-275-5264
Amy Dimmick Realty Specialist 303-275-5278
Elsa Ruiz Realty Specialist 303-275-5287
John Schlesselman Realty Specialist 303-275-5285
Melissa Hunter Property Management Specialist 303-275-5297
Michelle Leshe Realty Specialist 303-275-5281
Patty Martin Realty Specialist 303-275-5286
Vacant Property Management Technician 303-275-5138
Regional Office
Tom Fuller Supervisory Contract Specialist, RO 303-275-5274
Howard Redden Contract Specialist 303-275-5288
Kim Luft Contract Specialist 303-275-5405
Marty Martinez Contract Specialist, Stewardship 303-275-5785
Michael Ku Contract Specialist 303-275-5462
Philip Ramirez Contract Specialist 970-295-6889
Northern Tier
Alfred Heinrich Supervisory Contract Specialist, BlkH 605-673-9355
Bill Highland Contract Specialist, BlkH 605-716-1883
Brenda Anderson Contract Specialist, BlkH 605-673-9323
Brenda Oster Contract Specialist, BlkH 605-673-9322
Debbra Stulc Contract Specialist, Shoshone 307-578-5148
Jason Torgerson Contract Specialist, Shoshone 307-578-5146
Southern Tier
Christina Cook Supervisory Contract Specialist, ARP 970-295-6635
Charlie Padilla Purchasing Agent, ARP 970-295-6688
Ginger Domingos Contract Specialist, SJ 970-385-1245
Jay Tobin Contract Specialist, GMUG 970-874-6625
Kim Decker Purchasing Agent, Rio Grande 719-852-6211
Richard Mizell Contract Specialist, WR 970-945-3249
Star Yeo Contract Specialist, MBR 303-275-5381
Toni Aranda Contract Specialist, PSICC 719-553-1431
Vacant Contract Specialist, ARP 970-295-6691
Vacant Purchasing Agent, WR 970-xxx-xxxx
Vacant Contract Specialist, MBR 970-295-6683
WO Acquisition Management - Job Corps
Brian Wharton Acing Branch Chief 303-275-5312
Vacant Deputy Branch Chief 303-275-5034
Brent Sachs Purchasing Agent/.RAPC 303-275-5777
Donald Watson Contract Specialist 303-275-5158
Kelly Fortney Contract Specialist 919-724-9830
Vacant Contract Specialist 303-275-5223
Vacant Contract Specialist 303-275-5288
Vacant Contract Specialist (intern) 303-275-5416
Civil Rights
Florence Navarro Director 303-275-5501
Fax 303-275-5502
Jerome Romero Deputy Director 303-275-5340
Dani Ramirez–Montoya Equal Employment Specialist 303-275-5343
Vacant Equal Opportunity Assistant 303-275-5080
Mary DeAguero Director 303-275-5171
Fax 303-275-5170
Vacant Deputy Director 303-275-5172
Special Assignments
Veronica Mitchell Special Assignments 303-275-5206
Support Services
Kathy Maynes Supervisory Support Services Specialist 303-275-5218
Debbie Foss Administrative Assistant ⁄ Budget 303-275-5217
Joellen Davis Administrative Support Assistant 303-275-5222
Diane Barricklow Budget Coordinator 303-275-5256
Center for Design and Interpretation
Marcus Staley Center for Design & Interpretation Manager 303-275-5177
Alexandra Botello Interpretive Planner 208-634-0761
Cheryl Hazlitt Interpretive Planner 970-295-6660
Christine LaBerge Civil Engineer 303-513-2366
Dev Barrow Architect 303-275-5186
Donna Sullenger VIS Information Specialist 307-578-5145
Elizabeth Yo Facility Architect 303-275-5189
Jesse Kehm Computer-aided Drafting Engineering Technician 303-275-5179
Lexie Carroll Civil Engineer 307-674-2643
Linda Hecker Visitor Interpretive Spec.(Smoky Bear Program) 303-275-5056
Lois Ziemann Interpretive Planner 970-626-5121
Todd Michael Mechanical and Electrical Engineer 303-275-5455
Vacant Landscape Architect 303-275-5216
Atiq Syed Geotechnical and Dam Safety Engineer 505-842-3854
Brian Lloyd Environmental Group Leader 303-275-5457
Kurt Muenchow Environmental Abandoned Mine Program Manager / CERCLA / RCRA 303-275-5201
Vacant Assistant National Environmental Engineer / WO-ECAP 303-275-5173
Bethany Barron Facilities Program Manager 303-275-5175
Gerardo Chavarria Environmental Engineer 303-275-5313
Vacant Regional Fleet Manager 406-329-xxxx
Cooper Brantley Fleet Management Assistant 303-275-5192
Robert Aiken Geospatial Services Manager 303-275-5200
Janice Wilson Cartographer 303-275-5213
Melinda McGann Remote Sensing Specialist 303-275-5211
Robert Mathis Geographic Information System Specialist 303-275-5210
Vacant Cartographer Technician 303-275-5166
Vacant GIS Specialist 303-275-5185
Vacant Photogrammetry Specialist 303-275-5214
Job Corps
Debbie Chavarria Engineer 303-275-5912
Roger Pritchett Architect 303-275-5913
Vacant Facilities Architect 303-275-5913
Scott Mitchell Structural Engineer 303-275-5196
Vacant Pathways Intern 303-275-5182
Michael Lane Tramway Engineer 303-275-5167
Vacant Group Leader, Transportation Planning 303-275-5165
Ann Marie Verde Transportation Systems Engineer 303-275-5181
Recreation, Lands and Minerals
Jim Bedwell Director 303-275-5135
Fax 303-275-5407
Jason Robertson Deputy Director 303-275-5470
Charlotte Ekis Office Manager 303-275-5042
Susana Echevarria Administrative Support Assistant 303-275-5374
Boundary Management
David Tomaschow Regional Surveyor 303-275-5054
Paul Cruz Rec. Business Management Program Manager 303-275-5043
Bryan Fons ORIC, REI Manager 303-433-0845
Jane Leche Public Affairs Specialist 303-275-5349
Pete Edwards Supervisory Visitor Services Information Assistant 303-275-5342
Robert Koller Visitor Services Information Assistant 303-202-4949
Terri Liestman Heritage Program Leader 303-275-5051
Molly Westby Assistant Archaeologist 303-275-5047
Landownership Adjustment
Patricia Hesch Landownership Adjustment Program Manager 303-275-5105
Francina Martinezt Realty Specialist 303-275-5230
Valerie Hunt Land Law Examiner 303-275-5071
Landscape Architecture
Chris Sporl Regional Landscape Architect/Recreation Planner Program Mgr. 303-275-5168
Minerals and Geology
Tom Williams CNO Liaison 303-275-5709
Mountain Resorts
Don Dressler Mountain Resort Program Manager 303-275-5539
National Scenic Trails
Vacant Continental Divide National Scenic Trail Program Leader 303-275-5054
Special Uses
Diane Hitchings Recreation Special Uses Program Manager 303-275-5040
Deb Ryon Lands Special Uses Program Manager 303-275-5376
Nancy Miller Paralegal Specialist 303-275-5373
Valuation Services
Tate Curtis Regional Appraiser 970-874-6607
Mark Sonderby Senior Review Appraiser 307-673-0515
Mike Herran Review Appraiser 303-275-5375
Vacant Review Appraiser 303-275-xxxx
Vacant Senior Review Appraiser 303-275-xxxx
Wilderness/Wild and Scenic Rivers
Ralph Swain Wilderness/Wild and Scenic Program Leader 303-275-5058
Lands and Minerals
Fax 303-275-5122
Mark Sonderby Senior Review Appraiser (Bighorn NF) 307-673-1515
Tate Curtis Regional Appraiser (GMGM) 970-874-6607
Land Uses
Deb Ryon Regional Ditch Bill Coordinator, Group Leader, Lands Special Uses 303-275-5376
Deb Ryon FERC, Easements, Rights of Way, Communication Sites Specialist 303-275-5376
Nancy Miller Paralegal Specialist, Lands 303-275-5373
Vacant Group Leader, Land Ownership Adjustments 303-275-5105
Vacant Exchange, Purchase, & Sales Specialist 303-275-5382
Valerie Hunt Land Law Examiner 303-275-5071
Regional Budget Office
Debbie Boggess Director 303-275-5136
Fax 303-275-5299
Vacant Office Automation Clerk 303-275-5205
Todd Thompson Administrative Assistant 303-275-5289
Budget Analyst
Kathy Sutphen Budget Analyst, Lead 303-275-5160
Debbie Gardunio Budget Analyst 303-275-5254
Dianne Barricklow Budget Analyst 303-275-5252
Jackie Berenyi Financial Technician 303-275-5159
Jessica Johnson Financial Management Specialist 303-275-5240
Lisa Ruh Budget Analyst 303-275-5256
Susan Luthye Budget Analyst 303-275-5295
Brian Ferebee Deputy Regional Forester, Resources 303-275-5452
Sarah LaDell Acting Executive Assistant 303-275-5448
Fax 303-275-5482
External Affairs
Valerie Baca Director 303-275-5118
Fax 303-275-5366
Jeremiah Hyslop Acting Administrative Assistant 303-275-5354
Communication and Issue Management
Phil DeSenze Acting Public Affairs Specialist, Media Officer 303-275-5346
Creative & Technical Services
Vacant Supervisor Audio/Visual Production Specialist/Manager 303-275-5365
Beth Malone Graphics, Illustration, and Printing Specialist 303-275-5353
Charles (Chuck) Quinn Information Arts (Pathway Student) 303-275-5350
Margot Bucholtz Web Manager 303-275-5363
Vinh Le IT Specialist 303-275-5232
Lawrence M. Lujan Public Information Officer 303-275-5356
Issue Manager
Michael Stearly Issue Manager 303-275-5359
Jace Ratzlaff Legislative Affairs Coordinator 303-275-5357
Susan Alden-Weingardt Supervisor Partnership Liaison 303-275-5401
Vacant Public Affairs Specialist/STEP 303-275-xxxx
Vacant Partnership Liaison 303-275-xxxx
Vacant Public Affairs Specialist/Partnership/Outreach 303-275-5359
Capital City Coordinators
Cheri Ford Capital City Coordinator, Colorado 970-295-6680
Mary Cerniak Acting Capital City Coordinator, Wyoming 307-777-6087
Vacant Capital City Coordinator, S. Dakota 605-224-5175
Renewable Resources
Jacque Buchanan Director 303-275-5014
Fax 303-275-5075
Sharma Chavez Acting Support Services Specialist 303-275-5027
Cherie Hamilton Deputy Director 303-275-5002
Christian Brown Office Automation Assistant 303-275-5255
Vacant Administrative Support Clerk 303-275-5015
Vacant Administrative Support Clerk, Pathways Student 303-275-5079
Air Quality and Smoke
Jeff Sorkin Air & Smoke Management Program Manager 303-275-5759
Debbie Miller Air Quality Specialist 303-275-5319
Tyler Johnson Regional Botanist 303-275-5070
Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology
Dave Winters Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology Program Leader 303-275-5023
Bill Janowsky Fisheries Biologist 303-275-5337
Invasive Species
Hal Pearce Acting Invasive Species and Pesticide Use Coordinator 970-878-6008
Rangeland Management
Tom McClure Rangeland Program Leader 303-275-5070
Bonnie Houghton Assistant Rangeland Program Leader 303-275-xxxx
Jeff Underhills Regional Silviculturist 303-275-5016
Vacant Acting Rangeland Program Leader 303-275-xxxx
Vacant Soil Scientist ⁄ Regional BAER Coordinator 303-275-5583
Threatened, Endangered and Sensitive Species
Peter McDonald TES Program Leader 303-275-5029
Vacant Assistant TES Program Leader 303-275-5064
Timber and Forest Products
Sharon Paul Forest Management Group Leader 303-275-5003
Dave Stamler Resource Specialist 303-275-5021
Kurt Stagner Measurements Specialist 970-874-6671
Matt Etzenhouser Contract & Appraisal 303-275-5024
Pamela Rule Harvest Administration 303-275-5072
Patricia Burleson Resource Specialist 605-673-9296
Vegetation and Landscape Ecology
Vacant Vegetation and Landscape Ecology Program Leader 303-275-5004
Amarina Wuenschel Ecologist – President Management Fellow (PMF) 303-275-5018
Polly Hays Water Program Manager 303-275-5096
Andrea Rogers Water Rights and Uses 303-275-5153
Joan Carlson Hydrologist, Water Monitoring and Quality 303-275-5097
Vacant Physical Science Technician – Water Rights 303-275-xxxx
Wildlife Ecology
Vacant Wildlife Ecology Program Leader 303-275-5022
Wildlife Program
Rick Truex Wildlife Program Leader 303-275-5007
Resource Information
Mike Holifield Director 303-275-5150
Fax 303-275-5134
Matthew D. Miller Administrative Assistant 303-275-5103
Chandra Allred Regional Records Manager–Directives(Virtual) Cell: 970-456-5402
Dennis Cleary GIS Specialist ⁄ Trainee 303-275-5198
Elise Bowne Spatial Analyst 303-275-5209
Frank Jackson Regional IFA Lead, NRM Water Coordinator 970-295-6647
Jeff Overturf Regional INFRA Coordinator(R2/R4) 303-275-5048
Karen Lee Regional NRIS Coordinator 303-275-5065
Rob Aiken Acting Regional GIS Coordinator 303-275-5017
Robert (Bob) Clemans Management Analyst 303-275-5276
Sally Zwisler Regional Vegetation Application Coordinator 303-275-5013
Vacant Spatial Application Developer 303-275-5019
Safety, Fire & Aviation Management
Wilie Thompson Director 303-275-5736
Julian Affuso Deputy Director 303-275-5749
Fax 303-275-5754
Cindy Finley Support Services Supervisor 303-275-5131
Jo Ellyn Kunz Secretary 303-275-5131
Aviation Operations
Sandra LaFarr Aviation Officer 303-275-5740
Aviation Operations (continued)
Rick Gicla Lead Pilot 303-439-2308
Gracie Moore Regional ⁄ Washington Office Pilot 303-439-0337
Tim McClintock Aviation Maintenance Inspector 303-439-0339
Vacant Pilot xxx-xxx-xxxx
Aviation Operations (continued)
Jim Lawson Jim Lawson 303-275-5756
Tracy Elliott Aviation Specialist 303-439-0375
Aviation Safety
J.Kent Hamilton Fire Aviation Safety Officer 303-275-5711
Coop Fire Protection
Kelley Kane Assistant Director Coop Fire Protection 303-275-5748
Sheryl Page Fire Protection Specialist 719-553-1638
Vacant Program Support Specialist xxx-xxx-xxxx
Fire Operations
Troy Hagan Assistant Director Fire Operations 303-445-4331
Flint Cheney Information Systems Specialist 303-445-4365
Rocky Mountain Area Coordination Center (RMACC)
2850 Youngfield St., Lakewood, CO 80215-7210
Phone: 303-445-4300; Fax: 303-445-4319
Scott Swendsen RMA Coordination Center Manager 303-445-4302
Glenn Bartter Deputy RMACC Manager 303-445-4301
Amy Baldauf Logistics Dispatch 303-445-4330
Debbie Bozarth Logistics Dispatch 303-445-4330
Bruce Drapeau Logistics Dispatch 303-445-4300
Fire Operations (continued)
Scott Sugg Assistant Fire Operations 303-445-4369
Rocky Mountain Fire Cache Denver Federal Center
Bldg. 810, Door N27, P.O. Box 25507, Lakewood, CO 80225-0507
Phone: 303-202-4940; Fax: 303-202-4965
Marcus Medina Fire Cache Manager 303-202-4943
Humberto (Bert) Ontiveros Assistant Cache Manager 303-202-4941
Ivan Gallerdo Supplies Materials Handler 303-202-4945
Matthew Mixon Materials Handler 303-202-4940
Ricardo Reynoso Supply Technician 303-202-4944
Fuels and Fire Ecology
Brian Keating Assistant Director Fuels and Fire 303-275-5307
Brenda Wilmore Fuels Specialist 970-328-6388
Vacant Smoke Management Specialist xxx-xxx-xxxx
Incident Business
Carol Robinson Assistant Director Incident Business Management 303-275-5316
Occupational Safety and Health
Mark McFall Health & Safety Officer 303-275-5197
Program Analyst
Katherine Plym Program Analyst 303-275-5246
Risk Management, Workforce & Strategic Planning
Shane Greer Assistant Director Risk Mgmt, Workforce & Strategic Planning 303-275-5336
Scott McDermid Training & Workforce Development Specialist 970-882-6858
Vacant Fire ⁄ Planner xxx-xxx-xxxx
Mark Nelson Assistant Fire ⁄ Planner 970-295-6685
State & Private Forestry, Tribal Relations
Rick Cooksey Director 303-275-5750
Fax 303-275-5754
Cindy Finley Support Services Supervisor 303-275-5131
Jo Ellyn Kunz Secretary 303-275-5131
Valeria Rodriguez Luna Student 303-275-5015
Mike Eckhoff Biomass Coordinator 303-275-5742
Budget Analyst
Katherine Plym Budget Analyst 303-275-5246
Landowner Assistance
Jeanna Leurck Landowner Assistance Program Manager 303-275-5239
Program Specialist
Bob Carnes Program Specialist 303-275-5739
Tribal Relations
Susan Johnson Tribal Relations Specialist 303-275-5760
Urban Forestry
Dana Coelho Urban Forestry Specialist 303-275-5231
Water ⁄ Legacy
Claire Harper Water ⁄ Legacy Program Manager 303-275-5178
Aerial Survey Program
Brian Howell Aerial Survey Program Manager 303-236-8001
Justin Backsen Aerial Survey Program 303-236-3760
Jennifer Ross GIS Specialist 719-488-1243
Forest Health Protection
Roy Mask Assistant Director Forest Health 303-275-5061
Bob Cain Regional Entomologist 303-275-5463
Jeri Lyn Harris Forest Health Monitoring Coordinator 303-275-5155
Lakewood Service Center
Jim Kruse Service Center Leader 303-236-8006
Justin Hof Biological Technician 303-236-8053
Kelly Burns Plant Pathologist 719-488-8006
Rebecca Powell Entomologist 303-236-8008
Sky Stephens Entomologist 303-236-9552
Gunnison Service Center
Vacant Service Center Leader 970-642-1166
Jim Worrall Plant Pathologist 970-642-4453
Suzanne Marchetti Biological Technician 970-642-4448
Tom Eager Entomologist 970-642-4450
Vacant Biological Technician 970-642-11xx
Rapid City Service Center
Kurt Allen Service Center Leader 605-716-2781
Al Dymerski Biological Technician 605-716-2786
Jim Blodgett Plant Pathologist 605-716-2783
Vacant Entomologist 605-716-2797
Strategic Planning
Jim Zornes Director 303-275-5161
Vacant Deputy Director 303-275-5083
Fax 303-275-5134
Matthew D. Miller Secretary 303-275-5103
Christopher Wehrli NEPA Coordinator 303-275-5108
David Loomis NEPA Coordinator 303-275-5008
Henry Provencio Planning Analyst 970-219-1816
John Rupe Regional Planner 303-275-5148
Johnny Atencio Computer, Web and PALs Administrator 303-275-5149
Julie Schaefers Regional Social Scientist, Acting Regional Economist 303-275-5194
Ken Tu Administrative Review Coordinator 303-275-5156
Lynne Hagen Paralegal 303-275-5292
Marge Gallegos Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act Officer 303-275-5149
Trey Schille Regional Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator 303-275-5005
Vacant Environmental Specialist ⁄ R2 Sustainable Ops Coordinator 303-275-5067
Vacant Planning Analyst 303-275-5152
Anna Jones-Crabtree Director Sustainable Operations Western Collective 406-495-3744
Megan Oswalt Management & Program Analyst 406-552-5987
Sarah Kuiken Management & Program Analyst 218-326-7126
Arapaho and Roosevelt NFs, and Pawnee NGL
2150 Centre Ave., Bldg. E, Fort Collins, CO 80526-8119 970-295-6600
Fax 970-295-6695
E-mail: Mailroom R2 Arapaho Tdd 970-295-6794
Glenn Casamassa Forest Supervisor 970-295-6603
Ron Archuleta Deputy Forest Supervisor 970-295-6602
Patty Ybright–Jessop Executive Assistant 970-295-6603
Tammy Williams Public Affairs Officer, Program Manager 970-295-6674
Allyn Herrington Fort Collins Dispatch Center Manager 970-295-6830
Cheri Ford Colorado Capitol City Coordinator 970-295-6680
Geoff Bell Fire Management Officer 970-295-6632
Irene C. Mora Administrative Program Specialist – Fire 970-295-6631
John Stevi Dispatcher 970-295-6634
Scott Mollinari Fort Collins Interagency Dispatch Center Assistant Manager 970-295-6831
William (Robbie) Cline Airtanker Base Manager 303-439-0332
Administrative Office
Derek Darter Administrative Officer 970-295-6694
Dave Barth Computer Clerk 970-295-6671
Julie Major Budget Analyst 970-295-6681
Mathew Clementi Safety Manager 970-295-6672
Paula Carter Mail Clerk ⁄ Supply Clerk 970-295-6604
Stephanie Stone Information Receptionist 970-295-6674
Tracey Parrish Budget Officer 970-295-6686
Vacant Support Services Specialist 970-295-xxxx
Marla Downing Acting Ecosystem Support ⁄ ECO Group Leader 970-295-6630
Carl Chambers Forest Hydrologist 970-295-6633
Christopher Carroll Fish Biologist Trainee 970-295-6637
Eric Schroder Forest Soil Scientist 970-295-6634
Lynne Deibel Forest Wildlife Biologist 970-295-6638
Mark Martin Forest Bark Beetle Coordinator 970-295-6642
Mathew Fairchild Forest Fisheries Biologist 970-295-6640
Michael Spisak Forest Timber Program Manager 970-295-6646
Steve Popovich Forest Botanist 970-295-6641
Thomas Bates Assistant Forest Botanist 970-295-6648
Engineering, Lands, Minerals
Greg D Smith Engineering, Lands, Minerals ⁄ ELM Group Leader 970-295-6650
Bradley W. Carman Fleet and Equipment Specialist 970-295-6679
Carlos Madrid Land Survey Technician 970-295-6661
Carol Kruse Special Projects Coordinator 970-295-6663
Chelsea Gunsalus Resource Assistant 970-295-6624
Chris Ida Civil Engineer 970-295-6652
Crystal Landis Engineering Technician 970-295-6892
David Tomaschow Land Surveyor 970-295-6658
Jerry Nelson Land Survey Technician 970-295-6657
Laurie Yeager Forest Facilities Engineer 970-295-6655
Leslie McFadden Realty Specialist 970-295-6651
Michele White Civil Engineer 970-295-6654
Mike Johnson Acting Lands & Minerals Program Manager 970-295-6656
Recreation, Heritage, Planning and Design
Tom Ford Recreation, Heritage, Planning and Design Group Leader 970-295-6610
Abe Thompson Archaeologist 970-295-6891
Amy Coe GIS Specialist 970-295-6669
Erich Roeber Landscape Architect 970-295-6612
Jared A. Smith Landscape Architect 970-295-6618
Joshua O. Milligan Forest Planner 970-295-6761
Karen Roth Forest Environment Coord (NEPA, Monitor) FOIA 970-295-6621
Kevin Colby Landscape Architect 970-295-6613
Larry Fullenkamp Archaeologist 970-295-6619
Mary Hattis Forest GIS Coordinator 970-295-6616
Sue Struthers Heritage Program Manager 970-295-6622
Ranger Districts
Boulder 303-541-2500
2140 Yarmouth Ave., Boulder, CO 80301-1615 Fax 303-541-2514
Sylvia Clark District Ranger 303-541-2505
Canyon Lakes 970-295-6700
2150 Centre Ave., Bldg. E, Fort Collins, CO 80526-8119 Fax 970-498-2726
Kevin Atchley District Ranger 970-295-6711
Clear Creek 303-567-3000
P.O. Box 3307, 101 Chicago Creek Rd, Idaho Springs, CO 80452-3307 Fax 303-567-3021
Penny Wu District Ranger 303-567-3001
Pawnee National Grassland 970-346-5000
660 O Street, Greeley, CO 80631-9104 Fax 970-346-5014
Curtis Youngman District Ranger 970-346-5003
Sulphur 970-887-4100
P.O. Box 10, 9 Ten Mile Drive, Granby, CO 80446-0010 Fax 970-887-4102
Craig Magwire District Ranger 970-887-4124
JeffCo Airtanker Base 303-439-0332
10900 West 120th Ave., Bldg D, Broomfield, CO 80021-2755 Fax 303-439-0401
William (Robbie) Cline Tanker Base Manager  
Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre, and Gunnison NFs
2250 Highway 50 970-874-6600
Delta, CO 81416-2485 Fax 970-874-6698
E-mail: Mailroom R2 Grand Mesa Uncompahgre Tdd 970-874-6660
Scott Armentrout Forest Supervisor 970-874-6685
Russell Bacon Deputy Forest Supervisor 970-874-6674
Cande Read Executive Assistant 970-874-6609
Michele Schaal Administrative Officer 970-874-6601
Clay Fowler Fire Staff Officer 970-874-6619
Carmine Lockwood Renewable Resources 970-874-6677
Corey Wong Public Services 970-874-6668
Curtis Cross Engineering and Minerals Officer 970-874-6667
Lee Ann Loupe Public Communications & Legislative Affairs 970-874-6717
Ranger Districts
Grand Valley 970-242-8211
2777 Cross Roads Blvd., Unit 1, Grand Junction, CO 81506-8751 Fax 970-263-5819
Bill Edwards District Ranger  
Gunnison 970-641-0471
216 North Colorado St., Gunnison, CO 81230-2100 Fax 970-642-4425
John Murphy District Ranger Tdd 970-641-6817
Norwood 970-327-4261
P.O. Box 388, 1150 Forest St., Norwood, CO 81423-0388 Fax 970-327-4854
Judy Schutza District Ranger  
Ouray 970-240-5300
2505 South Townsend Ave., Montrose, CO 81401-5400 Fax 970-240-5367
Tamara K. Randall-Parker District Ranger  
Paonia 970-527-4131
P.O. Box 1030, 403 N. Rio Grande Ave., Paonia, CO 81428-1030 Fax 970-527-4151
Levi Broyles District Ranger  
Pike and San Isabel NFs, and Cimarron and Comanche NGs
2840 Kachina Drive, 719-553-1400
Pueblo, CO 81008-1560 Fax 719-553-1440
E-mail: Mailroom R2 Pike San Tdd 719-553-1404
Erin Connelly Forest and Grassland Supervisor 719-553-1400
Diana Trujillo Deputy Forest and Grassland Supervisor 719-553-1400
Maria Beltran Executive Assistant 719-553-1410
Destiny Chapman Administrative Officer 719-553-1413
Barb Timock Public Affairs Officer 719-553-1415
Diana Allen Fire ⁄ Fuels Staff Officer 719-553-1630
Sara Mayben Renewable Resources Staff Officer 719-553-1418
Scott Russell Physical Resources Staff Officer 719-553-1417
Vacant Ecosystems Staff Officer 719-553-1414
Ranger Districts
Cimarron National Grassland 620-697-4621
P.O. Box 300, 242 Highway 56 East, Elkhart, KS 67950-0300 Fax 620-697-4340
Lance Brown District Ranger  
Comanche National Grassland 719-523-6591
P.O. Box 127, 27204 Highway 287, Springfield, CO 81073-9222 Fax 719-523-4861
Jeff Stoney District Ranger  
Leadville 719-486-0749
810 Front St., Leadville, CO 80461-3975 Fax 719-486-0928
Tami Conner District Ranger 719-486-7417
Pikes Peak 719-636-1602
601 S. Weber St., Colorado Springs, CO 80903-4036 Fax 719-477-4233
Oscar Martinez District Ranger 719-477-4202
Salida 719-530-3591
5575 Cleora Road, Salida, CO 81201-2233 Fax 719-539-3593
Vacant District Ranger 719-530-3960
San Carlos 719-269-8500
3170 East Main St., Cañon City, CO 81212-2735 Fax 719-269-8719
Paul Crespin District Ranger 719-269-8701
South Park 719-836-2031
P.O. Box 219, 320 Highway 285, Fairplay, CO 80440-0219 Fax 719-836-3875
Josh Voorhis District Ranger 719-836-3857
South Platte 303-275-5610
19316 Goddard Ranch Court, Morrison, CO 80465-9100 Fax 303-275-5642
Randy Hickenbottom District Ranger 303-275-5612
Rio Grande NF
1803 West Highway 160, Monte Vista, CO 81144-9349 719-852-5941
E-mail: Mailroom R2 Rio Fax 719-852-6250
Dan Dallas Forest Supervisor 719-852-5941
Adam Mendonca Deputy Forest Supervisor 719-852-6255
Sherri Delozier-Trujillo Executive Assistant 719-852-6237
Tina Ghormley Administrative Officer 719-852-6224
Angie Krall Archeologist 719-852-6242
Barry Wiley Fishery Biologist 719-852-6228
Brink Messick Volunteer Coordinator 719-852-6267
Cheryl O'Brien FS GIS Coordinator 719-852-6217
Clayton Davey BLM Pathways 719-852-6259
Crystal Powell Recreation, Heritage ⁄ Lands Program Manager 719-852-6221
Dave Yust Office Automation Assistant 719-852-6202
Debra Mollet Facilities Engineer 719-852-6234
Diana McGinn NEPA – Timber 719-852-6241
Elmer Montoya Road Crew 719-852-6254
Gary Frink Engineering 719-852-6232
Gene Quintana Facilities Eng. Technician 719-852-6239
Guy Blackwolf Enviromental Coor. Special Projects 719-6852-6270
Guy Keene Safety, Fleet & Aviation Program Manager 719-852-6223
Helen Dyer GIS Data Services Assistant 719-852-6244
Jacquie Smith VIS 719-852-6204
Jacob Conners Civil Engineer 719-852-6207
Jeff Miller Administrative Support Asst. 719-852-6236
Jim Jaminet Fire Program Manager 719-852-6292
Joe Pacheco Road Manager 719-852-6284
John Johnson Radio Technician 719-852-6299
Kelly Ortiz Landscape Architect 719-852-6226
Kenna Pacheco Budget Officer 719-852-6266
Kim Decker Purchasing Officer 719-852-6211
Lynn Wubben FS LEO 719-852-6230
Matt Custer FS Realty ⁄ Lands 719-852-6206
Mike Blakeman Public Affairs Officer 719-852-6218
Patrick Moran Minerals Program 719-852-6286
Paul Duarte Fires Ops Specialist 719-852-6295
Paul Minow BLM Fire Fuels Specialist 719-852-6294
Paul Tigan BLM Associate Mgr 719-852-6274
Randy Ghormley Wildlife and Fisheries Program Lead 719-852-6243
Rena Chacon Real Property Specialist 719-852-6275
Shelly Dyke Planning Program Manager 719-852-6215
Sidney Hall Fuel Specialist 719-852-6205
Tina Sanchez Fire Support Program Assistant 719-852-6209
Tracy Milakovic Engine Captain #611 719-852-6296
Vaughn Thacker Soil Scientist 719-852-6258
Victor Webb Road Crew 719-852-6254
Vacant Engineering Program Manager 719-852-xxxx
Vacant Enviromental Coor. Special Projects 719-852-6222
Vacant Super.Forester Timber 970-874-xxxx
Vacant Ranger and Invasive Species Program Manager 719-852-xxxx
Vacant Road Crew 719-852-xxxx
Ranger Districts
Conejos Peak 719-274-8971
15571 County Road T-5, LaJara, CO 81140-9611 Fax 719-274-6301
Andrea Jones District Ranger Tdd 719-274-6339
Antonio Lucero NRS Recreation 719-274-6329
Chris Boone Natural Resource Specialist 719-274-6318
Daniel Lopez Support Services Specialist 719-274-6325
David Topolewski Wildlife Biologist 719-274-6304
Devin Haynie Engine Captain #631 719-274-6310
Gerard Sandoval Wilderness Ranger 719-274-6323
Jeremiah Martinez Recreation Specialist 719-274-6320
Jill Lucero BLM Wetlands Biologist 719-274-6327
Kelly Garcia Range Mangement Specialist 719-274-6317
Luciano Sandoval Range Tech 719-274-6305
Michael Tooley Timber Management 719-274-6321
Milo Medina Timber Natural Resources 719-274-6334
Renee L. Ripley Wildlife Technician 719-274-6308
Sally Stevenson Resource Clerk 719-274-6304
Sam Suazo VIS 719-274-6300
Ward Wubben Maintenance Worker 719-274-6303
William Hall Assistant Engine Foreman E–631 719-274-6332
Vacant LEO 719-274-xxxx
Creede 719-657-3321
13308 West Highway 160, Del Norte, CO 81132-9769 Fax 719-657-6035
Vacant District Ranger Tdd 719-657-6038
Dennis Vincent VIS 719-274-6401
Jody Fairchild Recreation ⁄ Lands ⁄ Special uses 719-274-6401
Lisa McClure Wilderness Ranger 719-274-6430
Divide 719-657-3321
13308 West Highway 160, Del Norte, CO 81132-9769 Fax 719-657-6035
Vacant District Ranger Tdd 719-657-6038
Vacant Natural Resource – Recreation 719-657-6019
Dale Gomez Wildlife Biologist 719-657-6024
Denise Gomez Support Services Specialist 719-657-6034
Vacant Range Specialist 719-657-6032
Jesse Boyd Sale Administrator 719-657-6001
Vacant Forestry Tech 719-657-6008
Kent Smith Fire Foreman 719-657-6003
Kevin Duda Forester 719-657-6022
Kirby Self Supervisory Forester – Timber 719-657-6037
Michael Vargas Resource Clerk 719-657-6015
Paul Renner Fire Tech 719-657-6002
Rachael Sanchez Forester 719-657-6023
Ronnie Day VIS 719-657-6026
Steve Brigham Recreation Forester 719-657-6014
Tristram Post Range Specialist 719-657-6010
Saguache 719-655-2547
46525 State Highway 114, Saguache, CO 81149-9729 Fax 719-655-2502
Jim Pitts District Ranger Tdd 719-655-2547
Vacant VIS 719-655-6100
David Carr Engine Captain # 671 719-655-6131
David Hosack Recreation Specialist 719-655-6122
Dayle Funka Range Management Specialist 719-655-6128
Dwight Irwin Wildlife Biologist 719-655-6110
Jerald Pacheco Wilderness Ranger 719-655-6101
JoLene Pavelka Support Services Specialist 719-655-6108
Josh Jordan Assistant Engine Captain 719-655-6119
Lary Floyd FAFMO 719-655-6129
Mary Nelson Forester – Timber 719-655-6120
Tanner Dutton Rangeland Management Specialist 719-655-6114
Vacant Forester – Timber 719-655-xxxx
San Juan National Forest
15 Burnett Court 970-247-4874
Durango, CO 81301-3647 Fax 970-385-1243
E-mail: Mailroom R2 San Tdd 970-385-1257
Kara Chadwick Forest Supervisor 970-385-1290
Vacant Deputy Forest Supervisor 970-385-1351
Liz Haydon Executive Assistant 970-385-1290
Kathyrn Garrou Forest Service Office Manager 970-385-1228
Ben Martinez Staff Officer, Engineering/Forest Engineer 970-385-1202
Ronald Duvall Staff Officer, Administration/Administrative 970-385-1265
Mark B. Lambert Staff Officer, Planning and Public Service 970-385-1246
Ann Bond Public Affairs Officer 970-385-1219
Michael Johnson Staff Officer, Renewable Resources 970-385-1249
Ranger Districts
Columbine 970-884-2512
P.O. Box 439, 367 South Pearl St., Bayfield, CO 81122-0439 Fax 970-884-2428
Matt Janowiak District Ranger  
Dolores 970-882-6800
29211 Highway 184, Dolores, CO 81323-0210 Fax 970-882-6841
Derek Padilla District Ranger 970-882-6834
Pagosa 970-264-2268
P.O. Box 310, 180 Second St., Pagosa Springs, CO 81147-0310 Fax 970-264-1538
Kevin Khung District Ranger 970-264-1520
White River NF
900 Grand Ave 970-945-3230
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601-3602 Fax 970-945-9029
E-mail: Mailroom R2 White
Scott Fitzwilliams Forest Supervisor 970-945-3200
Heather C. Provencio Deputy Forest Supervisor 970-945-3242
Mari C. DeWall Executive Assistant 970-945-3230
Fran Collins Administrative Officer 970-945-3251
Greg Rosenmerkel Engineering & Minerals Staff Officer 970-945-3205
Erica Borum Civil Engineer & AOPs 970-945-3277
Heather Boaz Civil Engineer & Water Systems 970-945-3240
Jim McBreen Construction & Maintenance Supervisor 970-948-0160
Mike K. Ross Conveyance Construction Manager/Civil Engineer 970-945-3234
Olivia Garcia Environmental Engineer 970-945-3220
Sharon Kosmalski Bridge Engineer 970-945-3281
Vacant Forest Geologist 970-945-3236
Vacant Roads Manager 970-945-3222
Vacant Sustainable Operations 970-945-3202
Rick Doak Recreation & Lands Staff Officer 970-945-3267
Andrea Brogan Heritage Resources Program Manager 970-876-9032
Carole Huey Lands Program Manager/Realty Specialist 970-945-3219
Kay Hopkins Outdoor Recreation Planner 970-945-3265
Mike Kenealy Natural Resource Specialist-Recreation Special Uses 970-945-3274
Roger Poirier Winter Sports Program Manager 970-945-3212
Wyman Bontrager Lands Surveyor 970-945-3283
Wendy Haskins Planning and Natural Resources Staff Office 970-945-3261
Hal Pearce Forest Range Program Manager 970-878-6008
Jan Burke Forest Silviculturalist & Timber Fire Program Manager 970-945-3246
Mark Weinhold Forest Hydrologist 970-963-2266
Matt Ehrman Forest Planner 970-963-2266
Vacant Fisheries Biologist 970-945-xxxx
Bill Kight Public Affairs Officer 970-945-3237
Sarah Hankens Leasable Minerals Program Manager/ Oil & Gas Energy Office Liaison 970-625-6840
Richard Mizell Contracting Officer 970-945-3249
Ranger Districts
Aspen 970-925-3445
806 West Hallam St., Aspen, CO 81611-1166 Fax 970-925-5277
Karen Schroyer District Ranger 970-945-3315
David Francomb Deputy District Ranger 970-945-3136
Blanco 970-878-4039
220 East Market St., Meeker, CO 81641-9652 Fax 970-878-5173
Ken Coffin District Ranger 970-878-6001
Dillon 970-468-5400
P.O. Box 620, 680 Blue River Parkway, Silverthorne, CO 80498-0620 Fax 970-468-7735
Bill Jackson District Ranger 970-262-3451
Cynthia P. Keller Deputy District Ranger 970-262-3495
Eagle 970-328-6388
P.O. Box 720, 125 West Fifth St., Eagle, CO 81631-0720 Fax 970-328-6448
Dave Neely District Ranger 970-328-5860
Aaron Mayville Deputy District Ranger 970-827-5152
Holy Cross 970-827-5715
P.O. Box 190, 24747 U.S. Highway 24, Minturn, CO 81645-0190 Fax 970-827-9343
Dave Neely District Ranger 970-328-5860
Aaron Mayville Deputy District Ranger 970-827-5152
Rifle 970-625-2371
0094 County Road 244, Rifle, CO 81650-8911 Fax 970-625-2532
Sarah Hankens District Ranger & Leasable Minerals Staff Officer 970-625-6840
Sopris 970-963-2266
P.O. Box 309, 620 Main St., Carbondale, CO 81623-0309 Fax 970-963-1012
Karen Schroyer District Ranger 970-963-2266
David Francomb Deputy District Ranger 970-963-3136
Pike & San Isabel NFs, Cimarron & Comanche NGLs ...see Colorado section
Nebraska National Forests and Grasslands
125 North Main Street 308-432-0300
Chadron, NE 69337-2167 Fax 308-432-0309
E-mail: Mailroom R2 Tdd 308-432-0304
Jim Pitts Acting Forests & Grasslands Supervisor 308-432-0311
Vacant Deputy Forests & Grasslands Supervisor 308-432-0315
Todd A Butler Administrative Program Specialist 308-432-0337
Dan Svingen South Dakota Capital City Coordinator 605-224-5517
Cydney Janssen Public Affairs Specialist 308-432-0326
Ranger Districts
Bessey RD & Samuel R. McKelvie NF 308-533-2257
40637 River Loop, Box 39, Halsey, NE 69142-0039 Fax 308-533-2301
Julie Bain District Ranger  
Charles Bessey Nursery 308-533-2257
State Spur 86B, Box 39, Halsey, NE 69142-0039 Fax 308-533-2310
Richard Gilbert Nursery Manager 308-533-2257
Fall River Ranger District 605-745-4107
P.O. Box 732, 1801 Highway 18 Truck Bypass Fax 605-745-4179
Hot Springs, SD 57747-0732
Mike McNeill District Ranger  
Fort Pierre Ranger District 605-224-5517
1020 North Deadwood St., Fort Pierre, SD 57532-4300 Fax 605-224-6517
Dan Svingen District Ranger  
Pine Ridge Ranger District 308-432-0300
125 North Main St., Chadron, NE 69337 Fax 308-432-0309
Tim Buskirk Acting District Ranger  
Wall Ranger District 605-279-2125
P.O. Box 425, 708 Main St., Wall, SD 57790-0425 Fax 605-279-2725
Kurt Pindel District Ranger  
South Dakota
Black Hills National Forests
1019 North Fifth Street 605-673-9200
Custer, SD 57730-8214 Fax 605-673-9208
E-mail: Mailroom R2 Black Tdd Dial 711 for Telecommunications Relay Services
Craig Bobzien Forest Supervisor 605-673-9203
Jerry Krueger Deputy Forest Supervisor 605-673-9202
Twila Morris Executive Assistant 605-673-9201
Dave Mertz Natural Renewable Resources Staff Officer 605-673-9206
Pam Wilhelm Customer Services & Public Affairs Staff Officer 605-673-9205
Ralph Adam Physical Resources Staff Officer 605-673-9204
Todd Pechota Fire, Fuels, Aviation & Safety 605-673-9280
Dan Svingen Capital City Coordinator, S. Dakota 605-224-5517
Ranger Districts
Bearlodge 307-283-1361
P.O. Box 680, 101 South 21st St., Sundance, WY 82729-0680 Fax 307-283-3727
Steve Kozel District Ranger  
Hell Canyon 605-673-4853
330 Mt. Rushmore Road, Custer, SD 57730-1928 and Fax 605-673-5461
1225 Washington Blvd., Newcastle, WY 82701-2953 307-746-2782
Vacant District Ranger 307-746-3605
Mystic 605-343-1567
8221 South Highway 16, Rapid City, SD 57702-8741  
Ruth Esperance District Ranger 605-716-2021
Northern Hills 605-642-4622
2014 North Main St., Spearfish, SD 57783-2917 Fax 605-642-4156
Rhonda O´Byrne District Ranger  
Bighorn NF
2013 Eastside 2nd Street 307-674-2600
Sheridan, WY 82801-9638 Fax 307-674-2668
E-mail: Mailroom R2 Tdd 307-674-2604
Bill Bass Forest Supervisor 307-674-2600
Vacant Executive Assistant 307-674-2655
Sandra Marquis Administrative Officer 307-674-2614
Jason Ruybal Forest Engineer 307-674-2615
Dave McKee Recreation/Lands/Heritage Staff Officer 307-674-2636
Bernie Bornong Resources Staff Officer 307-674-2685
Christopher Jones Planning Staff Officer 307-674-2627
Ranger Districts
Medicine Wheel ⁄ Paintrock 307-548-6541
604 East Main St., Lovell, WY 82431-2303 Fax 307-548-5316
Dave Hogen District Ranger 307-548-5301
Powder River 307-684-7806
1415 Fort St., Buffalo, WY 82834-2436 Fax 307-684-4626
Mark Booth District Ranger 307-684-4625
Tongue 307-674-2600
2013 Eastside 2nd St., Sheridan, WY 82801-9638 Fax 307-674-2668
Amy Ormseth District Ranger 307-674-2680
Medicine Bow and Routt NFs and Thunder Basin NGL
2468 Jackson St. 307-745-2300
Laramie, WY 82070-6535 Fax 307-745-2398
E-mail: Mailroom R2 Medicine Tdd 307-745-2307
Phil Cruz Forest Supervisor 307-745-2400
Carolyn Upton Deputy Forest Supervisor 307-745-2440
Brenda Fiddament Executive Assistant 307-745-2407
Casper Interagency Dispatch Center
Main Fire Line 307-261-7691
Night ⁄ 24 HR 800-295-9952
2987 Prospector Drive, Casper, WY 82604 Fax 307-261-7646
Robert Neibauer Center Manager (BLM) 307-261-7694
Luke Fortner Center Assistant Manager (FS) 307-241-7692
Kyle Adams   307-261-7680
Craig Interagency Dispatch Center
Main Fire Line 970-826-5037
455 Emerson Street, Craig, CO 81625 Fax 970-826-5051
Robert Neibauer Center Manager (BLM) 970-826-5034
Luke Fortner Center Assistant Manager (FS) 970-826-5037
Kyle Adams   307-261-7680
Ranger Districts
Brush Creek, Hayden 307-326-5258
P.O. Box 249, 2171 S. Highway 130, Saratoga, WY 82331-024 Fax 307-326-5250
Melanie Fullman District Ranger 307-326-2501
Douglas, Thunder Basin National Grassland 307-358-4690
2250 East Richards St., Douglas, WY 82633-8922 Fax 307-358-3072
Tom Whitford District Ranger 307-358-7101
Misty Hays Deputy District Ranger 307-358-7102
Hahns Peak, Bears Ears 970-870-2299
925 Weiss Drive, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487-9315 Fax 970-870-2284
Chad Stewart District Ranger 970-870-2149
Laramie 307-745-2300
2468 Jackson St., Laramie, WY 82070-6535 Fax 307-745-2398
Frank Romero District Ranger 307-745-2337
Parks 970-723-2700
P.O. Box 158, 100 Main St., Walden, CO 80480-0158 Fax 970-723-4610
Jason Brey District Ranger 970-723-2701
Yampa 970-638-4516
P.O. Box 7, 300 Roselawn Ave., Yampa, CO 80483-0007 Fax 970-638-4635
Jack Lewis District Ranger 970-638-4176
Shoshone NF
808 Meadow Lane Avenue 307-578-5100
Cody, WY 82414-4516 Fax 307-578-5112
E-mail: Mailroom R2 Tdd 307-578-5194
Joe Alexander Forest Supervisor 307-578-5187
Vacant Executive Assistant 307-578-5124
Kristie Salzmann PAO 307-578-5190
Veronika Klukas Administrative Officer 307-578-5115
Mark Giacoletto Fire Management Officer 307-578-5123
Vacant Engineering Officer 307-578-5120
Vacant Planning Officer 307-578-5118
Vacant Recreation, Wilderness, and Lands Officer 307-578-5117
Vacant Resource Officer 307-578-5134
Ranger Districts
North Zone (Clarks Fork, Greybull, Wapiti) 307-527-6921
203A Yellowstone Ave., Cody, WY 82414-3890 Fax 307-527-7158
Susan Stresser District Ranger 307-578-5201
Washakie 307-332-5460
333 East Main St., Lander, WY 82520-3499 Fax 307-332-0264
Steve Schacht District Ranger 307-335-2171
Wind River 307-455-2466
P.O. Box 186, 1403 West Ramshorn, Dubois, WY 82513-0186 Fax 307-455-3866
Rick Metzger District Ranger 307-455-4151

Contact: Vinh Le