Region 1
Northern Region Headquarters 406-329-3511 (Recorded menu)
Montana, North Dakota, Northern Idaho, and Northwestern South Dakota Fax: 406-329-3411
Federal Building, 200 East Broadway, P.O. Box 7669, Missoula, MT 59807-7669
Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (MT)
E-mail: Mailroom
FAYE KRUEGER Regional Forester 406-329-3315
Carol Moore Executive Assistant to RF 406-329-3315
DAVID SCHMID Deputy Regional Forester 406-329-3311
THOMAS A. SCHMIDT Deputy Regional Forester 406-329-3317
Vacant Executive Assistant to DRFs 406-329-3439
Larry Lackner Supervisory Admin Support Assistant 406-329-3659
David Goodin Regional Safety and Occupational Health Manager 406-329-3237
Alicia Tanrath Safety Trainee 406-329-3568
Nancy Kollin Human Resources Officer 406-329-3139
Sandra Abbott Employee Relations 406-677-3932
Glenn Fetter Classification/Staffing Specialist 208-765-7454
Lorri Ghormley Classification/Staffing Specialist 406-587-6784
Sarah Mead Mail/File Clerk 406-329-3165
Amanda Milter Duplicating 406-329-3103
Rory Rothell Duplicating/Mailroom 406-329-3181
KATE P. WALKER Regional Budget Officer 406-329-3048
B. Lynn Johnson Senior Budget Analyst 406-329-3195
Kay Sandvick Budget Analyst 406-329-3025
Jessica Johnson Budget Analyst 406-329-3138
Laurie Claar Budget Analyst 406-329-3336
Victoria Smith Student Trainee 406-329-3545
Brian L Williams R1 Administrative Center Manager 406-329-1074
ACE Administrative Center of Excellence 406-329-1033
Office of the General Counsel
340 North Pattee, Suite 205, Missoula, MT 59802-7669 Fax: 406-329-3064
MARK D. LODINE Associate Regional Attorney 406-329-3073
Christine R. Everett Attorney Advisor 406-329-3074
Jody M. Miller Attorney Advisor 406-329-3069
Alan J. Campbell Attorney Advisor 406-329-3072
Jennifer Newbold Attorney Advisor 406-329-3065
Vacant Legal Instruments Examiner 406-329-3068
Kim Luebke Paralegal Specialist 406-329-3063
Law Enforcement and Investigations
JONATHAN HERRICK Special Agent in Charge 406-329-3590
Tim Walther Assistant Special Agent in Charge 406-329-3114
      Walter Merritt Patrol Commander 406-329-3648
Trudi Olson Admin Sup/Budget Analyst 406-494-0216
Brian Rafferty Staff Assistant 406-329-3400
Lori DeFord Investigative Assistant 208-983-4059
Acquisition Management
FRANK PREITE R1/R4 Director 406-329-3541
Len Burks Admin Support Assistant 406-329-3242
Laurie Sonju R1/R4 Deputy Director 801-625-5137
Sandi Sandry Supervisory Property and Leasing 406-329-3615
Jim Thompson Leasing Specialist 406-329-3580
Amy Irwin Leasing Specialist 406-329-3159
Sarah Petroff Leasing Trainee 406-329-3602
Tracy Hill Property Technician 406-329-3796
John "Jack" Babon Property Management Officer 406-791-7752
Dell McCann Contract Specialist/Procurement Analyst 406-329-3244
Dale Reckley Contract Specialist 406-329-3525
Debby Wesselius Contract Specialist (Fire) 406-329-3333
Vacant Procurement Technician 406-329-3325
Christine Sopko Procurement Analyst 406-329-3007
Mary Beth Honsky PCMS Program Support Assistant 406-329-3106
Elaine Hilliard Grants and Agreements Lead 406-329-3649
Terri L. Johnson Agreement Specialist 406-329-3264
Shane LaValley WO - Procurement Analyst 406-329-3680
Marge Schafer WO-NIFC Contract Specialist 406-329-3525
Fire, Aviation, and Air
PATTI KOPPENOL Director 406-329-3402
Vacant Program Specialist 406-329-3401
Greg Morris Deputy Director 406-329-3296
Steve Zachry Risk Management Officer 406-329-3422
Maggie Doherty Regional Aviation Officer 406-329-4903
Shari Miller Assistant Director for Fire Planning and Budget 406-329-3232
Kitty Ortman Emergency Management Specialist, NRCG 406-329-3404
Cathy Scofield Cooperative Fire Management 406-329-3409
Vacant Assistant Regional Fuels Coordinator 406-329-3534
Gary Boyd Regional Aviation Safety Manager 406-329-3235
Tracey Nimlos Incident Business Coordinator 406-329-3235
Thomas Dzomba Air Quality 406-329-3672
Stu Hoyt Fire Use, Fuels and Planning 406-329-3266
Meghan Oswalt R1 Sustainable Operations Coordinator 406-552-5987
Civil Rights
ROBERT SHINN R1 & R10 Director 406-329-3508
Fax: 406-329-3124
Jamilah McConnell Civil Rights Specialist 406-329-3170
Enrique Olivares Northern Region University Manager 406-329-3449
Eric Bowie Civil Rights Specialist 406-329-3190
Melissa Wilson Special Emphasis Program Sepcialist 406-329-3650  
Ecosystem Assessment and Planning
KAREN MOLLANDER Director 406-329-3453
Tera Little Writer/Editor 406-329-3047
Tom Rhode Land Management Planning 406-329-3196
Angie Monaco FOIA and Privacy Act Specialist 406-329-3256
Rosa Nygaard Natural Resource Information Coordinator 406-329-3461
Linh Hoang Regional Inventory, Monitoring, Assessment, and Climate Change Coordinator  406-329-3399
Ray Smith Regional Appeals Coordinator 406-329-3381
Anne Davy NEPA and Appeals Specialist 406-329-3314
Julia Riber NEPA, and Litigation Group Leader 406-329-3678
Pete Zimmerman NEPA, Appeals and Litigation Specialist 406-329-3168
VACANT NEPA, Appeals and Litigation Specialist 406-329-3284
Kim Smolt NEPA, Appeals and Litigation Specialist 406-329-3555
Cynthia Manning Social Scientist 406-329-3240
Ruth Wooding Natural Resource Specialist in Appeals and Litigation   406-329-3572
Krista Gebert Regional Economist 406-329-3696
Keith Stockmann Economist 406-329-3549
Eric Henderson Regional Planning Analyst 406-329-3408
JOEL KRAUSE Director 406-329-3173
Deborah Jackson Admin Support Assistant 406-329-3176
Bob Kirkpatrick Deputy Director, Supervisory General Engineer 406-329-3307
Harvey Hergett Engineering Program Management, Civil Engineer 406-329-3172
Don Patterson Geospatial Group Leader 406-329-3430
Joan Louie GIS Analyst 406-329-3209
Jim Barber Biological Scientist - GIS Remote Sensing 406-329-3093
Steve R. Brown Remote Sensing 406-329-3514
Chip Fisher Geographic Information Systems Support 406-329-3538
Kim Foiles Geographic Information Systems 406-329-3546
Heather Weldon GIS Data Services Spec 406-329-3383
John Weston Remote Sensing 406-329-3215
Jim Barber Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing 406-329-3093
Ray Backstrom Supervisory Cartographer 406-329-3694
Vacant STEP Cartography Technician 406-329-3221
Jeremy Kulm Cartography Tecnician 406-329-3088
Sou Thao Cartography Tecnician 406-329-3155
Brian Ingalls Fleet Management 406-329-3224
Gerry Maney Deputy Fleet Manager 406-329-3216
Sondra Beach Business Management Clerk 406-329-3690
Vacant Fleet Vehicle Reservation 406-329-3698
Vacant Vehicle Sale Information 406-329-3645
John Kattell Transportation Structures, Structural Engineer 406-329-3324
Fred Bower Transportation Planning, Operations, and Maintenance 406-329-3354
Carl Cain Civil Engineer 406-329-3220
Brenda Christensen Civil Engineer 406-329-3351
Janet Kekich IT Specialist 406-329-3562
Chris "Chud" Lundgreen Geotechnical and Pavements Engineer 406-329-3162
Ed Rose Geotechnical Engineer 406-329-3293
Vacant Civil Engineer 406-329-3162
Steve Oravetz Facility Management Group Leader 406-329-3184
Kirby Matthew Historic Preservation, Exhibits Specialist 406-329-3477
Cathy Bickenheuser Exhibit Specialist 406-329-3478
Molly Ryan StudentExhibit Specialist 406-329-3046
Bruce Crockett Architech, Engineer 406-329-3161
Michael Diemert East Zone Environmental Engineer 406-791-7757
Jim Grubb West Zone Environmental Engineer 208-765-7385
Jane Kipp Architech, Engineer 406-329-3210
Vacant Environmental Health Engineer 406-329-3273
Bob Wintergerst Environmental Engineer 406-329-3036
Public and Governmental Relations
ELIZABETH SLOWN Director 406-329-3089
Charlotte Davey Office Automation Assistant 406-329-3470
Scott Fenimore Assistant Director, Legislative Affairs Cell: 406-329-3297   406-329-3028
Brandan Schulze Public Affairs Specialist/Acting Regional Web Manager 406-329-3097
John Hagengruber Capitol City Coordinator, Montana Cell: 406-439-0225   406-444-4490
Andy Brunelle Capitol City Coordinator, Idaho Cell: 208-861-3463   208-334-1170
Joni Packard R-1 Regional Volunteer & Services Program Coordinator 406-329-3187
Vacant Regional Media Coordinator 406-329-3472
Heather Noel Printing Specialist 406-329-3548
Vacant Web Information Specialist 406-329-3639
Karen Rheinhardt Directives/Records Manager 406-329-3547
Debby Hassel Partnership Coordinator 406-329-3141
Recreation, Mineral, Lands, Heritage, and Wilderness
George Bain Director 406-329-3584
Fax: 406-329-3536
Mary Fields Office Automation Assistant 406-329-3451
Maureen Kirchhoff Deputy Director 406-329-3518
Gerry Edson Regional Trail Coord/Dispersed Rec 406-587-6760
Kevin Sweeney RMLHW Program Coordinator 406-329-3410
Roger M. Peterson Interp Service for Nez Perce National Historic Trail 406-329-3540
Sandi McFarland Administrator, Nez Perce National Historic Trail 208-476-8334
Steve Kimball Wilderness, Outfitters, and Guides, Wild and Scenic Rivers Program 406-329-3522
Jeff Ward Developed Rec., Rec. Spec. Uses Mgr, Interpretive Services, Tourism 406-329-3587
Rob Mason Dev. Rec & Rec. Special Uses 406-329-3603
Lis Novak Landscape Architect, Recreation Planning 406-329-3576
Carl Davis Regional Archeologist/Heritage Program 406-329-3654
Tudi Smith Geology and Minerals Training Office Training Coordinator 406-329-3626
Kim Hulla Training Specialist 406-329-3574
Ray Tesoro Locatable/Minerals Specialist 406-329-3523
Leslie Vaculik Leasable Minerals Program 406-329-3592
Nancy Rusho Reclamation Specialist 406-329-3634
Guy Adams Land Adjustment, ROW Acquisition Program 406-329-3581
Robin Edwards Regional Title Examiner 406-329-3131
Scott Bixler Supervisory, Realty Specialist 406-329-3655
Terry Egenhoff Land Uses Program 406-329-3601
Tony Bachman Land Survey 406-329-3156
John Hickey Regional Appraiser - Bozeman 406-587-6783
Dawn Alvarez Interregional Hydropower Coord. (R1/R4 - Salt Lake City, UT) 801-236-3469
Will Pedde ALP-Spatial Team Leader 406-329-3204
Brandon Smith Special Uses Realty Specialist 406-329-3110
Janne Joy Realty Specialist 406-329-3206
Sonja Border Instructional Systems 406-329-3577
State and Private Forestry
MIKE DUDLEY  R1/R4 Director 801-625-5253
John Shannon Deputy Director 406-329-3280
Margie Costa Urban Community Forestry, Resource Conservation and Development Counsel 406-329-3539
Vacant Economic Specialist 406-329-3134
Angela Farr Wood Use 406-329-3521
Cheryl Vanderburg Tribal Relations Specialist 406-329-3348
Martha Barrett Grants/Budget Program Manager 406-329-3542
Suzanne Schultz Grants and Agreements Spec - Ogden, UT 801-625-5759
Gregg A. Denitto Group Leader, Missoula Field Office Group 406-329-3637
Nancy Sturdevant Entomologist 406-329-3281
Brytten E. Steed Entomologist 406-329-3142
Joel Egan Entomologist 406-329-3278
Blakey Lockman Pathologist 406-329-3189
Marcus Jackson Pathologist 406-329-3282
Chris Hayes Technician 406-329-3130
Scott Sontag Technician 406-329-3323
Mark Casey Biological Science Tech/Arial Survey 406-329-3051
Von Helmuth Group Leader, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Field Office Group 208-765-7342
Sandra J. Kegley Entomologist 208-765-7355
Carol Randall Entomologist 208-765-7343
Lee Pederson Entomologist - Ogden, UT 801-476-9732
Paul Zambino Pathologist 208-926-6416
Bob James Pathologist 208-765-7421
John Schwandt Pathologist 208-765-7415
Vacant Pathologist 208-765-7340
Douglas Wulff Technician 208-765-7344
Vacant Computer Assistant - Boise, ID 208-373-4268
Renewable Resource Management
(Forest and Rangeland unit and the Watershed, Wildlife, Fisheries and Rare Plants unit)
Christine Dawe (Acting) Director 406-329-3604
Eric Johnston Deputy Director, Watershed, Wildlife, Fisheries, and Rare Plants 406-329-3164
Tom H. Martin Assistant Director, Forest Management 406-329-3608
Holger Jensen Program Leader, Range Administrration 406-329-3564
Marcus Reeves Admin. Assistant - Forest and Rangeland Management 406-329-3605
Brian L. Rafferty Admin Assistant - Watershed, Wildlife, Fisheries, and Rare Plants 406-329-3400
Mike Niccolucci Budget Coordinator/TM Planning 406-329-3352
Watershed, Wildlife, Fisheries and Rare Plants Staff
Jolyn Ortega Program Specialist/WO WFRP Database Manager 406-329-3629
Meredith Webster Regional Soil Scientist 406-329-3412
Bruce Sims Regional Hydrologist/BAER Coordinator 406-329-3447
Thor Burbach Hydrologist 406-329-3185
Jed A. Simon Water Rights Team Leader/CERCLA 406-329-3371
Lynne Giguere Water Rights Team Hydrologist 406-329-3330
Gail Dahl Water Rights Team Paralegal Spec 406-329-3062
Scott Spaulding Regional Fisheries Biologist 406-329-3287
Cameron Thomas Regional Aquatic Ecologist 406-329-3087
Steve Shelley Regional Botanist/Research Natural Area Program Manager/Weed Management 406-329-3041
Scott Jackson National Carnivore Program Leader 406-329-3664
Ellen Davis Executive Coordinator Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC)  406-329-3434
Kristi Swisher Regional TES Program Manager 406-329-3558
Eric J. Tomasik Regional Wildlife Program 406-329-3086
Alan Dohmen Regional Wildlife Ecologist (Acting) 406-329-3677
James McGowan Wildlife Biologist 406-329-3588
Forest and Rangeland
Mike Niccolucci Budget Coordinator/TM Planning 406-329-3352
Renate Bush Regional Inventory Specialist 406-329-3107
Renee Lundberg Analyst 406-329-4265
Zach Holden Analyst 406-329-3119
Brian Reves Analyst 406-329-3614
J.D. Zeiler Computer Analyst 406-249-0179
Vacant Field Protocols and Operations Coordinator 406-329-3443
Mary Manning Ecologist 406-329-3304
Shelley Douthett Rangeland Data Steward R1/R6 406-495-3857
Jim Innes Timber Sale Prep, Stewardship Contracts, Biomass, SRS 406-329-3149
Vacant Regional TIM, SBA, Special Forest Products 406-329-3146
Will Best Computer Programmer Analyst 406-329-3532
Mike McVeigh Appraisals and Measurements 406-329-3283
Tom Maffei Sale Admin Specialist 406-329-3145
Gerald Thompson Presale Forester 406-329-3149
Kim Campbell Timber Sales Accounting Coordinator 406-329-3386
Susan Rinehart Native Plants Prog. Mgr. 406-329-3669
Mary Frances Mahalovich Regional Geneticist, FSL Moscow, ID 208-883-2350
Barry Bollenbacher Regional Silviculturist 406-329-3297
Margie Cameron Data Base Coordinator 406-329-3108
Glenda Scott Reforestation 406-329-3122
Chief Information Office (CIO)
Christopher Andrews IT Specialist, Desktop Support 406-329-3008
Cheryl Smith Cook Customer Relation Liaison 406-329-3180
Tim Gray Supv Computer Specialist 406-329-3143
Jason Rocheleau Enterprise Desktop Architect 406-329-3259
Gerry Shimada IT Specialist 406-329-3152
Ka Vang IT Specialist, Server System Administrator 406-329-3290
Colin Watts Govt Enterprise Messaging System 406-329-3578
Dana Watts CHD Operator Liaison 406-329-3519
Jan Zarling Deputy Business Application Officer 406-329-3301
David DelSordo SDE Data Manager 406-329-3083
Mike Pendergrass Telecommunications Specialist 307-578-5143
Enterprise Teams (Recreation Solutions, Digital Visions, TEAMS)
Robert Bowles Technology Specialist, Digital Visions 406-329-3031
Vacant Program Specialist, Rec Solutions 406-329-3076
Brian Sweatland NEPA Planner, Rec Solutions 406-329-3082
Byron Stringham Landscape Architect 406-329-3241
Tricia Burgoyne Soil Scientist, TEAMS Cell 559-359-5422
Craig Comstock GIS Specialist Cell 559-920-4677
Dustin Walters Soil Scientist, TEAMS Cell 559-246-7012
Vincent Archer Soil Scientist, AB Ecosystems 406-329-3300
Northern Region National Forests/Grasslands
Nez Perce Clearwater National Forests Phone: 208-935-2513
903 3rd Street, Kamiah ID 83536 Fax: 208-935-4275
Grangeville Office  Phone: 208-983-1950
104 Airport Road, Grangeville, ID 83530-5065  Fax: 208-983-4099
E-mail: Mailroom R1 Nez
Orofino Office  Phone: 208-476-4541
12730 Highway 12, Orofino ID 83544
 Rick Brazell   Forest Supervisor   208-935-4265 
Ralph Rau Deputy Forest Supervisor 208-935-4257 or 208-983-7017
Laura Smith Public Affairs Specialist 208-983-5143 
Kathy Bess Executive Assistant 208-935-4253
Joyce Thompson  Planning and PIO Staff Officer 208-935-4273
Don Curnutt Tenical Services Staff Officer 208-476-8238 or 208-935-4281
Bob Lippincott Fire Management Staff Officer 208-983-4066
Daniel Hollenkamp Vegetation Staff Officer 208-935-4283
Greg Stern Safety Officer 208-935-4251
Michele Windsor Ecosystem Staff Officer 208-935-4282
Ranger Districts
Moose Creek R.D.
831 Selway, Kooskia, ID 83539-9506
Joe Hudson District Ranger 208-926-8930
Red River, Elk City R.D.
300 American River Road, Elk City, ID 83525-0416
Terry Nevius District Ranger 208-842-2140
Salmon River R.D.
304 Slate Creek Road, Whitebird, ID 83554-9706
Jeffrey Shinn District Ranger 208-839-2103
Lochsa/Powell R.D.
502Lowery Street, Kooski ID 83539
Craig Trulock District Ranger 208-926-6400
North Fork R.D.
12730 B, Highway 12, Orofino ID 83544
Kathy Rodriguez District Ranger 208-476-8223
Palouse R.D.
1700 Highway 6, Potlatch, ID 83855
Vacant (Gary Kedish, Acting DR) District Ranger 208-875-1710
Moscow Lab
122 South Main Street, Moscow ID 83843
Vacant (Gary Kedish,Acting DR) District Ranger 208-875-1710
Idaho Panhandle National Forest  208-765-7223 
3815 Schreiber Way, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815-8363 Fax: 208-765-7307
E-mail: Mailroom R1 Idaho
MARY FARNSWORTH Forest Supervisor 208-765-7223
Lisa Timchak (Acting) Deputy Forest Supervisor 208-765-7220
Shoshana Cooper Executive Assistant 208-765-7369
Jason "Jay" Kirchner Public Affairs Officer 208-765-7211
Jim Gebhardt Technical Services 208-765-7382
Carol McKenzie Restoration, Implementation 208-765-7380
Shanda Dekome Ecosystems Team Leader 208-765-7238
Bob Dusanic Occupational Health and Safety Manager 208-765-7265
Vacant IMAT Team Leader 208-765-7261
Glenn Fetter Supervisory Human Resources Specialist 208-765-7454
Rita Loper Contracting Specialist 208-765-7497
Ranger Districts
Bonners Ferry R.D. 
6286 Main Street, Bonners Ferry, ID 83805-9764
Kevin Knauth District Ranger 208-267-5561
Coeur d'Alene Nursery
3600 Nursery Way, Couer d' Alene , ID 83815 208-765-7375
Coeur d'Alene River R.D.
Fernan Office, 2502 East Sherman Avenue, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814-9764
Chad Hudson District Ranger 208-664-2318
The Silver Valley Office R.D.
173 Commerce Dr., P.O. Box 159, Smelterville, ID 83868
Ryan Foote Deputy Ranger 208-783-2101
Priest Lake R.D. 
32203 Highway 57, Priest River, ID 83856-8680
Matt Davis District Ranger 208-269-3001
Sandpoint R.D. 
1602 Ontario Street, Sandpoint, ID 83864-9509
Erick Walker District Ranger 208-263-6601
St. Joe R.D.
Avery Office
34 Hoyt Drive, Avery, ID 83802-9702
Wade Sims District Ranger 208-245-6001
St. Maries Office
P.O. Box 407, St. Maries, ID 83861-0407
Wade Sims District Ranger 208-245-2531
Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest 406-683-3900
420 Barrett Street, Dillon, MT 59725-3572 Fax: 406-683-3855
E-mail: Mailroom R1 Beaverhead
MELONY GLOSSA  Forest Supervisor 406-683-3973
VACANT Deputy Forest Supervisor 406-683-3978
Shauna Brewer Executive Assistant 406-683-3995
Leona Rodreick Public Affairs Officer 406-683-3984
Peri Suenram Planning, Budget, Resources Staff Officer 406-683-3967
Patty Bates Recreation, Heritage, Engineering, Lands  Staff Officer 406-683-3979
Thomas W. Heintz Forestry, Range, Ecology Staff Officer 406-683-3987
Mike Goicoechea  Forest Fire Management Officer 406-683-3955
Linda Stowell Human Resource Officer 406-587-6742
Marybeth Marks Minerals Staff Officer 406-587-6709
Ranger Districts
Butte R. D. 
1820 Meadowlark Lane, Butte, MT 59701-6816
Dave Sabo District Ranger 406-494-2147
Dillon R.D.
420 Barrett Street, Dillon, MT 59725-3588
Scot Shuler District Ranger 406-683-3988
Jefferson R.D.
3 Whitetail Road, Whitehall MT 59759-9635
Dave Sabo District Ranger 406-287-3223
5 Forest Service Road, Ennis, MT 59729-9102
David Callery  Acting  District Ranger 406-682-4253
P.O. Box 88, Philipsburg, MT 59858-0088
Charlene Bucha District Ranger 406-859-3211
Wise River
65600 MT Hwy 43, Wise River, MT 59762
Russell Riebe District Ranger 406-832-3178
300 Forest Service Road, P.O. Box 238, Wisdom, MT 59761-0238
Russell Riebe District Ranger 406-689-3243
Bitterroot National Forest 406-363-7100
1801 North 1st Street, Hamilton, MT 59840-3114 Fax: 406-363-7159
E-mail: Mailroom R1
JULIE KING Forest Supervisor 406-363-7121
Joni Lubke Executive Assistant 406-363-7182
Cheryl Andersen Budget Officer 406-363-7146
Gil Gale Range Management Program Leader 406-821-2318
Cole Mayn Soil, Watershed, Fisheries, Heritage Staff Officer 406-363-7155
Amber Richardson Engineering and Lands 406-363-7167
Tod G. McKay Public Affairs Officer 406-363-7122
Jerry Krueger Planning, NEPA/Timber/Silv/Recreation Staff Officer 406-363-7142
Ranger Districts
Darby R. D. 
P.O. Box 388, Darby, MT 59829-0388
Chuck Oliver District Ranger 406-821-3913
Stevensville R. D. 
88 Main Street, Stevensville, MT 59870-2100
Dan Ritter District Ranger 406-777-5461
Sula R. D. 
7338 Highway 93 South, Sula, MT 59829-9601
Chuck Oliver District Ranger 406-821-3201
West Fork R. D. 
6735 West Fork Road, Darby, MT 59829-9654
Dave Campbell District Ranger 406-821-3269
Trapper Creek Job Corps
5139 West Fork Road, Darby, MT 59829-9609
Linda Guzik Manager 406-821-3286
Custer National Forest  406-255-1400 plus X 
1310 Main Street, Billings, MT 59105 Fax: 406-255-1499
E-mail: Mailroom R1
MARY C. ERICKSON Forest Supervisor 406-255-1406
Pamela Gardner Deputy Forest Supervisor 406-255-1410
Susan Rupert Executive Assistant 406-587-6949
Vacant Planning Staff Officer 406-255-1442
Elizabeth McFarland Services Staff Officer 406-587-6757
Scott Barndt Ecosystem Staff Officer 406-587-6749
Marna Daley Public Affairs Officer 406-587-6703
Mariah Leuschen Public Affairs Specialist 406-255-1411
Ranger Districts
Beartooth R.D.
6811 Highway 212, Red Lodge, MT 59068-9624
Traute Parrie R. D. District Ranger 406-446-2103
Fax: 406-446-3918
Sioux R. D.
P.O. Box 37, Camp Crook, SD 57724-0037
Kurt Hansen District Ranger 605-797-4432
Fax: 605-797-4404
Ashland R. D. 
P.O. Box 168, Ashland, MT 59003-0168
Walt Allen District Ranger 406-784-2344
Fax: 406-784-2596
Flathead National Forest 406-758-5200
650 Wolfpack Way,Kalispell, MT 59901 Fax: 406-758-5367
E-mail: Mailroom R1
CHIP WEBER Forest Supervisor 406-758-5251
Acting - Julie Gerrior Executive Assistant 406-758-5251
Vacant Resources 406-758-5269
Robert Carlin Ecosystem Assessment Planning 406-758-5322
Gary Danczyk Engineering and Administrative Services 406-758-5268
Wade Muehlhof Public Affairs Specialist 406-758-5252
Patsy Treat Human Resource Liaison 406-758-5272
Ranger Districts
Hungry Horse, Glacier View R. D.
10 Hungry Horse Drive, P.O. Box 190340, Hungry Horse, MT 59919-0340
Rob Davies District Ranger 406-387-3800
Fax: 406-387-3889
Spotted Bear R. D.
10 Hungry Horse Drive, P.O. Box 190340, Hungry Horse, MT 59919-0340
Debbie Mucklow District Ranger (Summer) 406-758-5376
Swan Lake R.D.
200 Ranger Station Road, Bigfork, MT 59911-3585
Rich Kehr District Ranger 406-837-7500
Fax: 406-837-7503
Tally Lake R.D. 406-758-5204
650 Wolfpack Way, Kalispell, MT 59901
Lisa Timchak District Ranger 406-758-3527
Fax: 406-758-3537
Gallatin National Forest  406-587-6701
P.O. Box 130, Bozeman, MT 59771-0130
E-mail: Mailroom R1
MARY C. ERICKSON Forest Supervisor 406-587-6949
Susan Rupert Executive Assistant 406-587-6949
Robert Dennee Realty Officer, East Side Lands Zone 406-587-6914
Marna Daley CNF/GNF Public Affairs Specialist 406-587-6703
Scott Barndt Ecosystem Management Officer 406-587-6749
Elizabeth McFarland Services Staff Officer 406-587-6757
Vacant Planning Staff Officer 406-255-1442
Mike Gagen Fire Management 406-587-6717
Lorri Ghormley Human Resources Specialist 406-587-6784
DeWayne Thornburgh CNF/GNF Forest Ecology 406-587-6749
Ranger Districts
Yellowstone RD, Big Timber
P.O. Box 196, Big Timber, MT 59011-0196 Fax: 406-932-5777
Alex Sienkiewicz District Ranger 406-932-5155 (Big Timber)
Lauren Oswald Deputy District Ranger 406-823-6063 (Livingston)
Yellowstone RD, Livingston 406-222-1892
Route 62, Box 3197, Livingston, MT 59047-9133 Fax - 406-222-2546
Alex Sienkiewicz District Ranger 406-932-5155 (Big Timber)
Lauren Oswald Deputy District Ranger 406-823-6063 (Livingston)
Bozeman R.D.
3710 Fallon Street, Box C, Bozeman, MT 59715-1911 406-522-2520
Lisa Stoeffler District Ranger 406-522-2531
Fax: 406-522-2528
Gardiner R.D.
P.O. Box 5, Gardiner, MT 59030-0005
Ron Hecker District Ranger 406-848-7375
Fax: 406-848-7485
Hebgen Lake R.D.
P.O. Box 520, West Yellowstone, MT 59758-0520
Cavan Fitzsimmons District Ranger 406-832-6963
Fax: 406-828-6990
Helena National Forest 406-449-5201
2880 Skyway Drive, Helena, MT 59601-1230 Fax: 406-449-5436 (mailroom)
E-mail: Mailroom R1
BILL AVEY Acting Forest Supervisor 406-495-3708
Nancy Peak Deputy Forest Supervisor 406-495-3748
John Kinney Resource Staff Officer 406-495-3709
Ashley Snellman Executive Assistant 406-495-3712
Brad McBratney Forest Fire Management Officer 406-791-7718
Robin Strathy Planning/GIS/Budget Staff Officer 406-791-7726
Cathrine Pinegar REHLM 406-495-3792
Kathy Bushnell Public Affairs, Outreach 406-449-5201
John Hagengruber Capitol City Coordinator 406-495-3731
Tim Benedict Health and Safety Officer 406-495-3943
Vacant Human Resources Specialist
Ranger Districts
Helena 406-449-5490
2882 Skyway Drive, Helena, MT 59602-1294
Heather DeGeest District Ranger 406-495-3924
Lincoln 406-362-7000
1569 Highway 200, P.O. Box 219, Lincoln, MT 59639-0219 Fax: 406-449-5436 or 5740
Amber Kamps District Ranger 406-362-7002
Townsend 406-266-3425
415 South Front Street, Townsend, MT 59644 Fax: 406-266-5484
Corey Lewellen District Ranger 406-495-3851
Kootenai National Forest 406-293-6211 
31374 U.S. Highway 2, Libby, MT 59923-3022 Fax: 406-283-7709
E-mail: Mailroom R1
CHRIS SAVAGE Forest Supervisor 406-293-6211
Janette Turk Executive Assistant 406-283-7764
Cami Winslow Public Services Staff Officer 406-283-7664
Quinn Carver Natural Resources Staff Officer 406-283-7695
Tim Rusdal Supervisory Civil Engineer 406-293-7773
Ranger Districts
Cabinet, Trout Creek 406-827-3533
2693 Highway 200, Trout Creek, MT 59874-9503
John Gubel District Ranger 406-827-0714
Fax: 406-827-0718
Fortine, Murphy Lake
12797 U.S. Highway 93 S, Fortine, MT 59918-0116
Betty Holder District Ranger 406-882-4451
Fax: 406-882-4835
Libby-Canoe Gulch RS, Fisher River Ranger District
12257 Highway 37, Libby, MT 59923-8212
Malcolm Edwards District Ranger 406-293-7773
Fax: 406-283-7531
Rexford, Eureka
1299 Highway 93 North, Eureka, MT 59917-9504
Betty Holder District Ranger 406-882-4451
Fax: 406-882-4835
Three Rivers, Troy
12858 U.S. Highway 2, Troy, MT 59935-8750 406-295-4693
Kirsten Kaiser District Ranger 406-295-7438
Fax: 406-295-7410
Lewis and Clark National Forest Phone: 406-791-7701
1101 15th Street N, Great Falls, MT 59401 Fax: 406-731-5302
E-mail: Mailroom R1
BILL AVEY Forest Supervisor 406-791-7756
Robin Strathy Planning/GIS/Budget Staff Officer 406-791-7726
David Cunningham Public Affairs Officer 406-791-7754
Catherine Pinegar REHLM 406-791-7716
Tim Benedict Safety and Occupational Health Officer 406-495-3793
Sharon Scott Forest Timber Zone
Roxie Stroud Executive Assistant 406-791-7720
Vacant Human Resources Liaison
Brad McBratney Forest Fire Management Officer 406-791-7718
John Kinney Resource Staff Officer 406-495-3709
Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center 
Elizabeth Casselli Center Manager 406-727-8733
Ranger Districts
Belt Creek R.D. 406-236-5100
4234 Highway 89, Neihart MT 59465-9700
Carol Hatfield Acting District Ranger 406-236-5511
Fax: 406-236-5507
Judith R.D.
P.O. Box 484, Stanford, MT 59479-0484
Ron B. Wiseman District Ranger 406-566-2292
Fax: 406-566-2408
Musselshell  R.D.
P.O. Box 1906, Harlowton, MT 59036-1906
Ron B. Wiseman District Ranger 406-632-4391
Fax: 406-632-5643
Rocky Mountain R.D. 406-466-5341
1102 Main Avenue, NW, Choteau, MT 59422-9243 Fax: 406-466-2237
Mike Munoz District Ranger 406-466-5341  x-121
Augusta Information Station
405 Manix Street, Augusta, MT 59410 406-562-3247
White Sulphur Springs R.D.
P.O. Box A, White Sulphur Springs 59645-0801
Carol Hatfield District Ranger 406-547-3361
Fax: 406-547-6023
Lolo National Forest  406-329-3804  
Building 24, Fort Missoula, Missoula, MT 59801-7297  Fax: 406-329-3795
E-mail: Mailroom R1
TIM GARCIA Forest Supervisor 406-329-3804
Nat Alea Hile  Executive Assistant 406-329-3804
Rusty Wilder Infra and Operations 406-329-3835
Beverly Yelczyn Implementation 406-329-3834
Greg Gustina Planning and Preparation 406-329-3809
Boyd C. Hartwig Public Affairs Officer 406-329-1024
Ranger Districts 406-329-3814
Missoula Fax: 406-329-1049
Building 24A, Fort Missoula, Missoula, MT 59804-7297
Shane Hendrickson (acting) District Ranger 406-329-1049
20325 Remount Road, Box 616, Huson, MT 59846-9685
Chad Benson District Ranger 406-626-5408
Fax: 406-626-5403
Plains/Thompson Falls
P.O. Box 429, Plains, MT 59859-0429
Randy Hojem District Ranger 406-826-4308
 FAX: 406-826-4358
Seeley Lake
3583 Highway 83, Seeley Lake, MT 59868-8606
Tim Love District Ranger 406-677-3905
Fax: 406-677-3902
P.O. Box 460, Superior, MT 59872-0460
Tawnya Brummett District Ranger 406-822-3928
Fax: 406-822-3903
Dakota Prairie Grasslands 701-989-7300; 
1200 Missouri Avenue, Bismarck, ND 58504 Fax: 701-989-7299
E-mail: Mailroom R1 Dakota Prairie National
DENNIS NEITZKE Grasslands Supervisor 701-989-7301
Theresa Ristvedt Executive Assistant 701-989-7314
Mark Goeden Resources Staff Officer 701-989-7308
Vacant Planning and Public Affairs Officer 701-989-7319
Babete Anderson Public Affairs Officer 701-989-7302
Curt Glasoe Grasslands Engineer 701-989-7307
Charlie Betz Health and Safety Officer 701-989-7303
Vacant Human Resources Liaison
Ranger Districts
Grand River and Cedar River National Grasslands (Grand River RD)
1005 5th Ave. W.; Lemmon, SD 57638
Paul Hancock District Ranger 605-374-3592
Little Missouri National Grassland (Medora)
99 23rd Ave West, Suite B, Dickinson, ND 58601
Ron Jablonski District Ranger 701-227-7800
Little Missouri National Grassland (McKenzie) 701-842-2393
1901 Main Street South, Watford City, ND 58854
Jay Frederick District Ranger 701-842-2393 x-29
Sheyenne National Grasslands
1601 Main Street South, P.O. Box 946, Lisbon, ND 58054-0946
Bryan Stotts District Ranger 701-683-4342
Fax- 701-683-6816