Region 1
Northern Region
Montana, North Dakota, Northern Idaho, and Northwestern South Dakota
Federal Building, 200 East Broadway, P.O. Box 7669, Missoula, MT 59807-7669
Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (MT)
Phone: 406-329-3511; Fax: 406-329-3411
E-mail: Mailroom
FAYE KRUEGER Regional Forester 406-329-3316
Carol Moore Executive Assistant to RF 406-329-3315
Joy Marshall Executive Assistant to DRFs 406-329-3439
Larry Lackner Supervisory Admin Support Assistant 406-329-3659
Jane L. Cottrell Deputy Regional Forester 406-329-3311
Thomas A. Schmidt Deputy Regional Forester 406-329-3317
David Goodin Regional Safety and Occupational Health Manager 406-329-3237
Alicia Tanrath Safety Trainee 406-329-3568
Nancy Kollin Human Resources Officer 406-329-3139
Sandra Abbott Supv Employee Relations Specialist - Seeley Lake 406-677-3932
Lucinda Martin Classification/Staffing Specialist 406-329-3260
Sarah Mead Mail/File Clerk 406-329-3545
KATE P. WALKER Regional Budget Officer 406-329-3048
B. Lynn Johnson Sr Budget Analyst 406-329-3195
Kay Sandvick Budget Analyst 406-329-3025
Jessica Johnson Budget Analyst 406-329-3138
Laurie Claar Budget Analyst 406-329-3336
Brian L Williams R1 Administrative Center Manager 406-329-1074
ACE Administrative Center of Excellence 406-329-1033
Tori Smith Budget Analyst 406-329-3544
Office of the General Counsel
340 North Pattee, Suite 205, Missoula, MT 59802-7669 Fax: 406-329-3064
MARK D. LODINE Associate Regional Attorney 406-329-3073
Christine R. Everett Attorney Advisor 406-329-3074
Jody M. Miller Attorney Advisor 406-329-3069
Alan J. Campbell Attorney Advisor 406-329-3072
Jennifer Newbold Attorney Advisor 406-329-3065
Vacant Legal Instruments Examiner 406-329-3068
Kim Luebke Paralegal Specialist 406-329-3063
Law Enforcement and Investigations
JONATHAN HERRICK Special Agent in Charge 406-329-3590
Tim Walther Assistant Special Agent in Charge 406-329-3648
Vacant Patrol Commander 406-329-3114
Trudi Olson Admin Sup/Budget Analyst 406-494-0216
Vacant Staff Assistant 406-329-3400
Lori DeFord Investigative Assistant 208-983-4059
Acquisition Management
FRANK PREITE R1/R4 Director 406-329-3541
Len Burks Admin Support Assistant 406-329-3242
Laurie Sonju R1/R4 Deputy Director 801-625-5137
Sandi Sandry Supervisory Property and Leasing 406-329-3615
Jim Thompson Leasing Specialist 406-329-3580
Amy Irwin Leasing Specialist 406-329-3159
Sarah Petroff Leasing Trainee 406-329-3602
John "Jack" Babon Property Management Officer 406-791-7752
Dell McCann Contract Specialist/Procurement Analyst 406-329-3244
Dale Reckley Contract Specialist 406-329-3525
Debby Wesselius Contract Specialist (Fire) 406-329-3333
LeRoy Schmitz Procurement Technician 406-329-3325
Christine Sopko Regional Agency Purchase Card Coordinator 406-329-3007
Mary Beth Honsky Regional Agency Purchase Card Assistant 406-329-3106
Elaine Hilliard Grants and Agreements Lead 406-329-3649
Terri Johnson Agreement Specialist 406-329-3264
Shane LaValley WO - Procurement Analyst 406-329-3680
Marge Schafer WO-NIFC Contract Specialist 406-329-3525
Fire, Aviation, and Air
PATTI KOPPENOL Director 406-329-3402
Curtis Phelps Program Specialist 406-329-3401
Greg Morris Deputy Director 406-329-3296
Steve Zachry Risk Management Officer 406-329-3422
Maggie Doherty Regional Aviation Officer 406-329-4903
Shari Miller Assistant Director for Fire Planning and Budget 406-329-3232
Lori Clark Program Analysis Coordination 406-329-3194
Kitty Ortman Emergency Management Specialist, NRCG 406-329-3404
Cathy Scofield Cooperative Fire Management 406-329-3409
Vacant Assistant Regional Fuels Coordinator 406-329-3534
Gary Boyd Regional Aviation Safety Manager 406-329-3235
Tracey Nimlos Incident Business Management 406-329-3331
Thomas Dzomba Air Quality 406-329-3672
Stu Hoyt Fire Use, Fuels and Planning 406-329-3266
Civil Rights
ROBERT SHINN R1 & R10 Director 406-329-3508
Fax: 406-329-3124
Jamilah McConnell Equal Opportunity Specialist 406-329-3170
Eric Bowie Equal Opportunity Specialist Trainee 406-329-3170
Melissa Wilson Equal Opportunity Specialist 406-329-xxxx
Ecosystem Assessment and Planning
KAREN MOLLANDER Director 406-329-3453
Tera Little Writer/Editor 406-329-3047
Tom Rhode Land Management Planning 406-329-3196
Angie Monaco FOIA and Privacy Act Specialist 406-329-3256
Rosa Nygaard Natural Resource Information Coordinator 406-329-3461
Linh Hoang Inventory, Assessment & Monitoring Coordinator 406-329-3399
Ray Smith Regional Appeals Coordinator 406-329-3381
Anne Davy NEPA and Appeals Specialist 406-329-3314
Julia Riber NEPA, and Litigation Group Leader 406-329-3678
Pete Zimmerman NEPA, Appeals and Litigation Specialist 406-329-3168
Vacant NEPA, Appeals and Litigation Specialist 406-329-3284
Kim Smolt NEPA, Appeals and Litigation Specialist 406-329-3555
Cynthia Manning Social Scientist 406-329-3240
Ruth Wooding NEPA Coordinator 406-329-3572
Krista Gebert Regional Economist 406-329-3696
Keith Stockmann Economist 406-329-3549
Eric Henderson Regional Planning Analyst 406-329-3408
JOEL KRAUSE Director 406-329-3173
Deborah Jackson Admin Support Assistant 406-329-3176
Bob Kirkpatrick Deputy Director, Supervisory General Engineer 406-329-3307
Harvey Hergett Engineering Program Management, Civil Engineer 406-329-3172
Don Patterson Geospatial Group Leader 406-329-3430
Joan Louie GIS Analyst 406-329-3209
Jim Barber Biological Scientist - GIS Remote Sensing 406-329-3093
Steve R. Brown Remote Sensing 406-329-3514
Chip Fisher Geographic Information Systems Support 406-329-3538
Kim Foiles Geographic Information Systems 406-329-3546
Heather Weldon GIS Data Services Spec 406-329-3383
John Weston Remote Sensing 406-329-3215
Jim Barber Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing 406-329-3093
Ray Backstrom Supervisory Cartographer 406-329-3694
George Arnold STEP Cartography Technician 406-329-3221
Sou Thao Cartography Tecnician 406-329-3155
Brian Ingalls Fleet Management 406-329-3224
Gerry Maney Deputy Fleet Manager 406-329-3216
Sondra Beach Business Management Clerk 406-329-3690
Vacant Fleet Vehicle Reservation 406-329-3698
Vacant Vehicle Sale Information 406-329-3645
John Kattell Transportation Structures, Structural Engineer 406-329-3324
Fred Bower Transportation Planning, Operations, and Maintenance 406-329-3354
Carl Cain Civil Engineer 406-329-3220
Brenda Christensen Civil Engineer 406-329-3351
Janet Kekich IT Specialist 406-329-3562
Ed Rose Geotechnical Engineer 406-329-3293
Chris "Chud" Lundgreen Civil Engineer 406-329-3162
Steve Oravetz Facility Management Group Leader 406-329-3184
Kirby Matthew Historic Preservation, Exhibits Specialist 406-329-3477
Cathy Bickenheuser Exhibit Specialist 406-329-3478
Molly Ryan StudentExhibit Specialist 406-329-3046
Bruce Crockett Architech, Engineer 406-329-3161
Michael Diemert East Zone Environmental Engineer 406-791-7757
Jim Grubb West Zone Environmental Engineer 208-765-7385
Jane Kipp Architech, Engineer 406-329-3210
Beverly A. Young Environmental Health Engineer 406-329-3273
Bob Wintergerst Environmental Engineer 406-329-3036
Public and Governmental Relations
ELIZABETH SLOWN Director 406-329-3089
Charlotte Davey Office Automation Assistant 406-329-3470
Scott Fenimore Assistant Director, Legislative Affairs Cell: 406-329-3297   406-329-3028
Brandan Schulze Public Affairs Specialist 406-329-3097
John Hagengruber Capitol City Coordinator, Montana Cell: 406-439-0225; 406-444-4490
Andy Brunelle Capitol City Coordinator, Idaho Cell: 208-861-3463; 208-334-1170
Joni Packard R-1 Regional Volunteer & Services Program Coordinator 406-329-3187
Phil Sammon Regional Media Coordinator 406-329-3472
Christine Romero R1/R4 Audio-Visual Production Spec/Public Affairs, Boise, ID Cell: 406 370-9870   208-373-4175
Heather Noel Printing Specialist 406-329-3548
Jan Oliver Web Information Specialist 406-329-3639
Karen Rheinhardt Directives/Records Manager 406-329-3547
Debby Hassel Partnership Coordinator 406-329-3141
Recreation, Mineral, Lands, Heritage, and Wilderness
GEORGE BAIN Director 406-329-3584
Fax: 406-329-3536
Mary Fields Office Automation Assistant 406-329-3451
Maureen Kirchhoff Deputy Director 406-329-3518
Gerry Edson Regional Trail Coord/Dispersed Rec 406-329-3150
Kevin Sweeney RMLHW Program Coordinator 406-329-3410
Roger M. Peterson Interp Service for Nez Perce National Historic Trail 406-329-3540
Sandi McFarland Administrator, Nez Perce National Historic Trail 208-476-8334
Steve Kimball Wilderness, Outfitters, and Guides, Wild and Scenic Rivers Program 406-329-3522
Jeff Ward Developed Rec., Rec. Spec. Uses Mgr, Interpretive Services, Tourism 406-329-3587
Rob Mason Dev. Rec & Rec. Special Uses 406-329-3603
Lis Novak Landscape Architect, Recreation Planning 406-329-3576
Carl Davis Regional Archeologist/Heritage Program 406-329-3654
Tudi Smith Geology and Minerals Training Office Training Coordinator 406-329-3626
Kim Hulla Training Specialist 406-329-3574
Ray Tesoro Locatable/Minerals Specialist 406-329-3523
Leslie Vaculik Leasable Minerals Program 406-329-3592
Nancy Rusho Reclamation Specialist 406-329-3634
Guy Adams Land Adjustment, ROW Acquisition Program 406-329-3581
Robin Edwards Regional Title Examiner 406-329-3131
Scott Bixler Supervisory, Realty Specialist 406-329-3655
Terry Egenhoff Land Uses Program 406-329-3601
Tony Bachman Land Survey 406-329-3156
John Hickey Regional Appraiser - Bozeman 406-587-6783
Dawn Alvarez Interregional Hydropower Coord. (R1/R4 - Salt Lake City, UT) 801-236-3469
Will Pedde ALP-Spatial Team Leader 406-329-3204
Brandon Smith Special Uses Realty Specialist 406-329-3110
Janne Joy Realty Specialist 406-329-3206
Sonja Border Instructional Systems 406-329-3577
State and Private Forestry
MIKE DUDLEY R1/R4 Director 801-625-5253
John Shannon Deputy Director 406-329-3280
Margie Ewing Urban Community Forestry, Resource Conservation and Development Counsel 406-329-3539
Vacant Economic Specialist 406-329-3134
Angela Farr Wood Use 406-329-3521
Cheryl Vanderburg Tribal Relations Specialist 406-329-3348
Martha Barrett Grants/Budget Program Manager 406-329-3542
Suzanne Schultz Grants and Agreements Spec - Ogden, UT 801-625-5759
Gregg A. Denitto Group Leader, Missoula Field Office Group 406-329-3637
Nancy Sturdevant Entomologist 406-329-3281
Brytten E. Steed Entomologist 406-329-3142
Joel Egan Entomologist 406-329-3278
Blakey Lockman Pathologist 406-329-3189
Marcus Jackson Pathologist 406-329-3282
Chris Hayes Technician 406-329-3130
Scott Sontag Technician 406-329-3323
Mark Casey Biological Science Tech/Arial Survey 406-329-3051
Von Helmuth Group Leader, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Field Office Group 208-765-7342
Sandra J. Kegley Entomologist 208-765-7355
Carol Randall Entomologist 208-765-7343
Lee Pederson Entomologist - Ogden, UT 801-476-9732
Paul Zambino Pathologist 208-926-6416
Bob James Pathologist 208-765-7421
John Schwandt Pathologist 208-765-7415
Vacant Pathologist 208-765-7340
Douglas Wulff Technician 208-765-7344
Vacant Computer Assistant - Boise, ID 208-373-4268
Renewable Resource Management
(Forest and Rangeland unit and the Watershed, Wildlife, Fisheries and Rare Plants unit)
GENE DEGAYNER Director 406-329-3604
Eric Johnston Deputy Director, Watershed, Wildlife, Fisheries, and Rare Plants 406-329-3164
Tom H. Martin Asst. Director, Forest Management 406-329-3608
Holger Jensen Asst. Director, Range Administration 406-329-3608
Marcus Reeves Admin. Assistant - Forest and Rangeland Management 406-329-3605
Brian L. Rafferty Admin Assistant - Watershed, Wildlife, Fisheries, and Rare Plants 406-329-3288
Mike Niccolucci Budget Coordinator/TM Planning 406-329-3352
Watershed, Wildlife, Fisheries and Rare Plants Staff
Jolyn Ortega Program Specialist/WO WFRP Database Manager 406-329-3629
Meredith Webster Regional Soil Scientist 406-329-3412
Bruce Sims Regional Hydrologist/BAER Coordinator 406-329-3447
Thor Burbach Hydrologist 406-329-3185
Jed A. Simon Water Rights Team Leader/CERCLA 406-329-3371
Lynne Giguere Water Rights Team Hydrologist 406-329-3330
Gail Dahl Water Rights Team Paralegal Spec 406-329-3062
Scott Spaulding Regional Fisheries Biologist 406-329-3287
Cameron Thomas Regional Aquatic Ecologist 406-329-3087
Steve Shelley Regional Botanist/Research Natural Area Program Manager/Weed Management 406-329-3041
Scott Jackson National Carnivore Program Leader 406-329-3664
Ellen Davis Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) Information Assistant 406-329-3434
Kristi Swisher Regional TES Program Manager 406-329-3558
Eric J. Tomasik Regional Wildlife Program 406-329-3086
Vacant Regional Wildlife Ecologist 406-329-3677
James McGowan Liaison to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation 406-329-3588
Forest and Rangeland
Mike Niccolucci Budget Coordinator/TM Planning 406-329-3352
Renate Bush Regional Inventory Specialist 406-329-3107
Renee Lundberg Analyst 406-329-4265
Zach Holden Analyst 406-329-3119
Brian Reves Analyst 406-329-3614
J.D. Zeiler Computer Analyst 406-249-0179
Andy Kies Field Protocols and Operations Coordinator 406-329-3443
Vacant Program Leader, Range Administrration 406-329-3564
Mary Manning Ecologist 406-329-3304
Shelley Douthett Rangeland Data Steward R1/R6 406-495-3857
Jim Innes Timber Sale Prep, Stewardship Contracts, Biomass, SRS 406-329-3149
Janet Krivacek Regional TIM, SBA, Special Forest Products 406-329-3146
Will Best Computer Programmer Analyst 406-329-3532
Mike McVeigh Appraisals and Measurements 406-329-3283
Tom Maffei Sale Admin Specialist 406-329-3145
Gerald Thompson Presale Forester 406-329-3149
Kim Campbell Timber Sales Accounting Coordinator 406-329-3386
Susan Rinehart Native Plants Prog. Mgr. 406-329-3669
Mary Frances Mahalovich Regional Geneticist, FSL Moscow, ID 208-883-2350
Barry Bollenbacher Regional Silviculturist 406-329-3297
Margie Cameron Data Base Coordinator 406-329-3108
Glenda Scott Reforestation 406-329-3122
Chief Information Office (CIO)
Vacant IT Specialist, Customer Support 406-329-3008
Vacant Customer Relation Specialist 406-329-3029
Tim Gray Supv Computer Specialist 406-329-3143
Jason Rocheleau Enterprise Desktop Architect 406-329-3259
Gerry Shimada IT Specialist 406-329-3152
Ka Vang IT Specialist, Server System Administrator 406-329-3290
Colin Watts Govt Enterprise Messaging System 406-329-3578
Dana Watts CHD Operator Liaison 406-329-3519
Jan Zarling Deputy Business Application Officer 406-329-3301
David DelSordo SDE Data Manager 406-329-3083
Mike Pendergrass Telecommunications Specialist 307-578-5143
Enterprise Teams (Recreation Solutions, Digital Visions, TEAMS)
Robert Bowles Technology Specialist, Digital Visions 406-329-3031
Vacant Program Specialist, Rec Solutions 406-329-3076
Brian Sweatland NEPA Planner, Rec Solutions 406-329-3082
Byron Stringham Landscape Architect 406-329-3241
Tricia Burgoyne Soil Scientist, TEAMS Cell 559-359-5422
Craig Comstock GIS Specialist Cell 559-920-4677
Dustin Walters Soil Scientist, TEAMS Cell 559-246-7012
Vincent Archer Soil Scientist, AB Ecosystems 406-329-3300
Northern Region National Forests
Clearwater National Forest
12730 Highway 12
Orofino, ID 83544-9333
Phone: 208-476-4541 FAX: 208-476-8329
E-Mail: Web:
RICK BRAZELL Forest Supervisor 208-476-8273
Ralph Rau Deputy Forest Supervisor (Grangeville, ID location) 208-983-7017
Deborah Pement Executive Assistant 208-476-8272
Les Dobson Ecosystem Management 208-476-8338
Cindy Lane Vegetation Restoration 208-476-8250
Don Curnutt Technical Services 208-476-8238
Elayne Murphy Public Affairs Specialist Cell: 208-660-2058; 208-476-8200
Bob Lippincott Zone Fire Officer 208-983-4066
Clearwater Ranger Districts
Route 1, Box 398, Kooskia, ID 83539-9729 208-926-6400
Craig Trulock District Ranger Fax: 208-926-7259
Kamiah Office
P.O. Box 308, Kamiah, ID 83536-0308
Craig Trulock District Ranger 208-926-6400
1700 Highway 6, Potlatch, ID 83855-9600 208-875-1701
Susan Shaw District Ranger Fax: 208-875-1701
Moscow Office
1221 South Main Street, Moscow, ID 83843-4298
Susan Shaw District Ranger 208-875-1701
192 Powell Road, Lolo, MT 59847-9413 208-942-3113
Vacant District Ranger Fax: 208-942-3311
North Fork
12730 B, Highway 12, Orofino, ID 83544-9333 208-476-8223
Doug Gober District Ranger Fax: 208- 476-5451
Idaho Panhandle National Forest
3815 Schreiber Way, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815-8363
Phone: 208-765-7223; Fax: 208-765-7307
E-mail: Mailroom R1 Idaho
MARY FARNSWORTH Forest Supervisor 208-765-7223
Christine Dawe Deputy Forest Supervisor 208-765-7220
Shoshana Cooper Executive Assistant 208-765-7369
Jason "Jay" Kirchner Public Affairs Officer 208-765-7211
Jim Gebhardt Technical Services 208-765-7382
Dave O'Brien Recreation, Customer Service, Restoration, Implementation 208-765-7319
Shanda Dekome Ecosystems Team Leader 208-765-7238
J.J. Frank Health and Safety Officer 208-765-7265
Deborah Stigen IMAT Team Leader 208-765-7261
Rita Loper Contracting Specialist 208-765-7479
Bill Standley Contracting Specialist 208-765-7433
Glenn Fetter Human Resources Liaison 208-765-7454
Bonners Ferry 208-765-7375
3600 Nursery Way, Couer d' Alene , ID 83815
Ranger Districts
Bonners Ferry
6286 Main Street, Bonners Ferry, ID 83805-9764
Linda McFaddan District Ranger 208-267-5561
Coeur d'Alene River
Fernan Office, 2502 East Sherman Avenue, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814-9764
Randy Swick District Ranger 208-664-2318
The Silver Valley Office, 173 Commerce Dr., P.O. Box 159, Smelterville, ID 83868
Kimberly Johnson Deputy Ranger 208-783-2101
Priest Lake
32203 Highway 57, Priest River, ID 83856-8680
Glenn Klinger District Ranger 208-269-3001
1602 Ontario Street, Sandpoint, ID 83864-9509
Erick Walker District Ranger 208-263-6601
St. Joe
Avery Office
34 Hoyt Drive, Avery, ID 83802-9702
Vacant District Ranger 208-245-6001
St. Maries Office
P.O. Box 407, St. Maries, ID 83861-0407
Vacant District Ranger 208-245-2531
Nez Perce
104 Airport Road, Grangeville, ID 83530-5065
Phone: 208-983-1950 plus X; Fax: 208-983-4099
E-mail: Mailroom R1 Nez
RICK BRAZELL Forest Supervisor 208-983-7000
Ralph Rau Deputy Forest Supervisor 208-983-7017
Laura Smith Public Affairs Specialist 208-983-5143
Kathy Bess Executive Assistant 208-983-5159
Scott Russell Ecosystem Planning &Operations, Heritage, Watershed, Ecology & Biology 208-983-4092
Don Curnutt Lands, Admin, Trails, Engineering, Recreation 208-983-7001
Bob Lippincott Clear/Nez Fire Zone Officer 208-983-4066
Ranger Districts
104 Airport Road, Grangeville, ID 83530-5065
Vacant District Ranger 208-983-4031
Moose Creek
831 Selway, Kooskia, ID 83539-9506
Joe Hudson District Ranger 208-926-8930
Red River, Elk City
300 American River Road, Elk City, ID 83525-0416
Terry Nevius District Ranger 208-842-2140
Salmon River
304 Slate Creek Road, Whitebird, ID 83554-9706
Vacant District Ranger 208-839-2103
Beaverhead, Deerlodge
420 Barrett Street, Dillon, MT 59725-3572
Phone: 406-683-3900; Fax: 406-683-3855
E-mail: Mailroom R1 Beaverhead
MELODY GLOSSA Forest Supervisor 406-683-3900
Vacant Deputy Forest Supervisor 406-683-3900
Shauna Smith Executive Assistant 406-683-3995
Leona Rodreick Public Affairs Officer 406-683-3984
Peri Suenram Planning, Budget, Resources Staff Officer 406-683-3967
Patty Bates Recreation, Heritage, Engineering, Lands, Minerals Staff Officer 406-683-3979
Thomas W. Heintz Forestry, Range, Ecology Staff Officer 406-683-3987
Tammy Clark Forest Fire Management Staff Officer 406-683-3990
Lorri Ghormley Human Resource Officer 406-587-6784
Ranger Districts
1820 Meadowlark Lane, Butte, MT 59701-6816
Vacant District Ranger 406-494-2147
420 Barrett Street, Dillon, MT 59725-3588
Cornie Hudson District Ranger 306-683-3988
3 Whitetail Road, Whitehall, MT 59759-9635
Vacant District Ranger 406-494-0250
5 Forest Service Road, Ennis, MT 59729-9102
Sue Heald District Ranger 406-682-4253
P.O. Box 88, Philipsburg, MT 59858-0088
Charlene Bucha-Gentry District Ranger 406-859-3211
Wise River
Box 100, Wise River, MT 59762-0100
Russell Riebe District Ranger 406-832-3178
P.O. Box 238, Wisdom, MT 59761-0238
Russell Riebe District Ranger 406-689-3243
1801 North 1st Street, Hamilton, MT 59840-3114
Phone: 406-363-7100; Fax: 406-363-7159
E-mail: Mailroom R1
JULIE KING Forest Supervisor 406-363-7121
Joni Lubke Executive Assistant 406-363-7182
Cheryl Andersen Budget Officer 406-363-7146
Gil Gale Range Management Program Leader 406-821-2318
Cole Mayn Soil, Watershed, Fisheries, Heritage Staff Officer 406-363-7155
Amber Richardson Engineering and Lands 406-363-7167
Tod G. McKay Public Affairs Officer 406-363-7122
Vacant Planning, NEPA/Timber/Silv/Recreation Staff Officer 406-363-7142
Ranger Districts
P.O. Box 388, Darby, MT 59829-0388
Chuck Oliver District Ranger 406-821-3913
88 Main Street, Stevensville, MT 59870-2100
Dan Ritter District Ranger 406-777-5461
7338 Highway 93 South, Sula, MT 59829-9601
Vacant District Ranger 406-821-3201
West Fork
6735 West Fork Road, Darby, MT 59829-9654
Dave Campbell District Ranger 406-821-3269
Trapper Creek Job Corps
5139 West Fork Road, Darby, MT 59829-9609
Linda Woods Manager 406-821-3286
1310 Main Street, Billings, MT 59105
Phone: 406-255-1400 plus X; Fax: 406-255-1499
E-mail: Mailroom R1
MARY C. ERICKSON Forest Supervisor 406-255-1406
Pamela Gardner Deputy Forest Supervisor 406-255-1410
Susan Rupert Executive Assistant 406-587-6949
Vacant Planning Staff Officer 406-255-1442
Elizabeth McFarland Services Staff Officer 406-587-6757
Scott Barndt Ecosystem Staff Officer 406-587-6749
Marna Daley Public Affairs Officer 406-587-6703
Mariah Leuschen Public Affairs Specialist 406-255-1411
Ranger Districts
6811 Highway 212, Red Lodge, MT 59068-9624 406-446-2103
Traute Parrie District Ranger Fax: 406-446-3918
P.O. Box 37, Camp Crook, SD 57724-0037 605-797-4432
Kurt Hansen District Ranger Fax: 605-797-4404
P.O. Box 168, Ashland, MT 59003-0168 406-784-2344
Walt Allen District Ranger Fax: 406-784-2496
650 Wolfpack Way,Kalispell, MT 59901
Phone: 406-758-5200; Fax: 406-758-5367
E-mail: Mailroom R1
CHIP WEBER Forest Supervisor 406-758-5200
Louise Larimore Executive Assistant 406-758-5251
Vacant Resources 406-758-5269
Robert Carlin Ecosystem Assessment Planning 406-758-5322
Gary Danczyk Engineering and Administrative Services 406-758-5268
Wade Muehlhof Public Affairs Specialist 406-758-5252
Patsy Treat Human Resource Liaison 406-758-5272
Ranger Districts
Hungry Horse, Glacier View
10 Hungry Horse Drive, P.O. Box 190340, Hungry Horse, MT 59919-0340
Rob Davies District Ranger 406-387-3800
Fax: 406-387-3889
Spotted Bear
10 Hungry Horse Drive, P.O. Box 190340, Hungry Horse, MT 59919-0340
Debbie Mucklow District Ranger (Summer) 406-758-5376 Fax: 406-758-5390
  (Winter) 406-387-3851 Fax: 406-387-3889
Swan Lake
200 Ranger Station Road, Bigfork, MT 59911-3585
Rich Kehr District Ranger 406-837-7500
Fax: 406-837-7503
Tally Lake
650 Wolfpack Way, Kalispell, MT 59901 406-758-5204
Lisa Timchak District Ranger Fax: 406-758-3537
P.O. Box 130, Bozeman, MT 59771-0130
Phone: 406-587-6701
E-mail: Mailroom R1
MARY C. ERICKSON Forest Supervisor 406-587-6949
Susan Rupert Executive Assistant 406-587-6949
Robert Dennee Realty Officer, East Side Lands Zone 406-587-6914
Marna Daley CNF/GNF Public Affairs Specialist 406-587-6703
Scott Barndt Ecosystem Management Officer 406-587-6749
Elizabeth McFarland Services Staff Officer 406-587-6757
Vacant Planning Staff Officer 406-255-1442
Mike Gagen Fire Management 406-587-6717
Lorri Ghormley Human Resources Specialist 406-587-6784
DeWayne Thornburgh CNF/GNF Forest Ecology 406-587-6749
Ranger Districts
Yellowstone RD, Big Timber
P.O. Box 196, Big Timber, MT 59011-0196 406-932-5155
Alex Sienkiewicz District Ranger Fax: 406-932-5777
Lauren Oswald Deputy District Ranger  
Yellowstone RD, Livingston
Route 62, Box 3197, Livingston, MT 59047-9133 406-222-1892
Alex Sienkiewicz District Ranger  
Lauren Oswald Deputy District Ranger  
3710 Fallon Street, Box C, Bozeman, MT 59715-1911
Lisa Stoeffler District Ranger 406-522-2531
P.O. Box 5, Gardiner, MT 59030-0005 406-848-7375
Ron Hecker District Ranger Fax: 406-848-7485
Hebgen Lake
P.O. Box 520, West Yellowstone, MT 59758-0520
Cavan Fitzsimmons District Ranger 406-832-6963
2880 Skyway Drive, Helena, MT 59601-1230
Phone: 406-449-5201; Fax: 406-449-5436
E-mail: Mailroom R1
KEVIN RIORDAN Forest Supervisor 406-449-5201
Nancy Peak Deputy Forest Supervisor 406-495-3731
John Kinney Integrated Vegetation Program Leader 406-495-3943
Ashley Snellman Executive Assistant 406-449-5201
Vacant Forest Fire Management Officer 406-495-3739
Robin Strathy Planning Staff Officer 406-791-7726
Lois Olsen Ecologist 406-495-3734
Kathy Bushnell Public Affairs, Outreach 406-495-3747
John Hagengruber Capitol City Coordinator Cell 406-439-2621; 406-444-5516
Jim O'Dell Health and Safety Officer 406-495-3868
Vacant Human Resources Specialist 406-495-3748
Ranger Districts
2882 Skyway Drive, Helena, MT 59602-1294 406-449-5490
Lori Wood District Ranger Fax: 406-449-5740
1569 Highway 200, P.O. Box 219, Lincoln, MT 59639-0219 406-362-4265
Amber Kamps District Ranger Fax: 406-362-4253
415 South Front Street, Townsend, MT 59644 406-495-3851
Heather DeGeest District Ranger Fax: 406-266-5484
31374 U.S. Highway 2, Libby, MT 59923-3022
Phone: 406-293-6211; Fax: 406-283-7709
E-mail: Mailroom R1
PAUL BRADFORD Forest Supervisor 406-293-6211
Janette Turk Executive Assistant 406-283-7764
Cami Winslow Public Services Staff Officer 406-283-7664
Quinn Carver Natural Resources Staff Officer 406-283-7695
Tim Rusdal Supervisory Civil Engineer 406-293-7773
Ranger Districts
Cabinet, Trout Creek
2693 Highway 200, Trout Creek, MT 59874-9503 406-827-3533
John Gobel District Ranger Fax: 406-827-0718
Fortine, Murphy Lake
12797 U.S. Highway 93 S, Fortine, MT 59918-0116 406-882-4451
Betty Holder District Ranger Fax: 406-882-4835
Libby-Canoe Gulch RS, Fisher River Ranger District
12257 Highway 37, Libby, MT 59923-8212 406-293-7773
Malcolm Edwards District Ranger Fax: 406-283-7531
Rexford, Eureka
1299 Highway 93 North, Eureka, MT 59917-9504 406-882-4451
Betty Holder District Ranger Fax: 406-882-4835
Three Rivers, Troy
12858 U.S. Highway 2, Troy, MT 59935-8750 406-295-7438
Vacant District Ranger Fax: 406-295-7410
Lewis and Clark
P.O. Box 869, 1101 15th Street N, Great Falls, MT 59403-0869
Phone: 406-791-7701; Fax: 406-731-5302
E-mail: Mailroom R1
BILL AVEY Forest Supervisor 406-791-7701
Robin Strathy Resource Staff Officer 406-791-7726
David Cunningham Public Affairs Officer 406-791-7754
Tina Lanier Acting Engineering, Rec, Budget, Minerals Staff Officer 406-791-7716
Vacant Safety and Occupational Health Spec 406-791-7748
Sharon Scott Forest Timber Zone 406-632-4391
Roxie Stroud Executive Assistant 406-791-7712
Vacant Human Resources Liaison 406-495-3748
Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center
P.O. Box 1806, 4201 Giant Springs Road, Great Falls, MT 59403-1806
Elizabeth Casselli Recreation Program Manager 406-791-7711
Fax: 406-453-6157
Ranger Districts
Belt Creek
Highway 89, Neihard, MT 59465-9700 406-236-5511
Tina Lanier District Ranger Fax: 406-236-5507
P.O. Box 484, Stanford, MT 59479-0484 406-566-2292
Ron B. Wiseman District Ranger Fax: 406-566-2408
P.O. Box 1906, Harlowton, MT 59036-1906 406-632-4391
Vacant District Ranger Fax: 406-632-5643
Rocky Mountain
1102 Main Avenue, NW, Choteau, MT 59422-9243 406-466-5341
Mike Munoz District Ranger Fax: 406-466-2237
White Sulphur Springs
P.O. Box A, White Sulphur Springs 59645-0801 406-547-3361
Carol Hatfield District Ranger Fax: 406-547-6023
Building 24, Fort Missoula, Missoula, MT 59801-7297
Phone: 406-329-3804; Fax: 406-329-3795
E-mail: Mailroom R1
DEBBIE AUSTIN Forest Supervisor 406-329-3804
Nat Alea Hile Acting Executive Assistant 406-329-3804
Rusty Wilder Infra and Operations 406-329-3835
Beverly Yelczyn Implementation 406-329-3834
Vacant Planning and Preparation 406-329-3809
Boyd C. Hartwig Public Affairs Officer 406-329-1024
Ranger Districts
Building 24A, Fort Missoula, Missoula, MT 59804-7297 406-329-3814
Paul Matter District Ranger Fax: 406-329-1049
20325 Remount Road, Box 616, Huson, MT 59846-9685 406-626-5408
Chad Benson District Ranger Fax: 406-626-5411
Plains/Thompson Falls
P.O. Box 429, Plains, MT 59859-0429 406-826-3821
Randy Hojem District Ranger 406-827-3589
Seeley Lake
3583 Highway 83, Seeley Lake, MT 59868-8606 406-677-2233
Tim Love District Ranger Fax: 406-677-3902
P.O. Box 460, Superior, MT 59872-0460 406-822-4233
Tawnya Brummett District Ranger Fax: 406-822-3903
Dakota Prairie Grasslands
1200 Missouri Avenue, Bismarck, ND 58504
Phone: 701-250-4443 plus X; Fax: 701-250-4454
E-mail: Mailroom R1 Dakota Prairie National
DENNIS NEITZKE Grasslands Supervisor 701-250-4443
Theresa Ristvedt Executive Assistant X102
Mark Goeden Resources Staff Officer X109
Babete Anderson Public Affairs Officer X143
Curt Glasoe Grasslands Engineer X152
Charlie Betz Health and Safety Officer X104
Vacant Human Resources Liaison 406-495-3748
Ranger Districts
Grand River and Cedar River National Grasslands
1005 5th Ave W, P.O. Box 390, Lemmon, SD 57638-0390
Paul Hancock District Ranger 605-374-03592 ext 101
Little Missouri National Grassland (Medora)
99 23rd Ave West, Suite B, Dickinson, ND 58601
Ron Jablonski District Ranger 701-227-7803
Little Missouri National Grassland (McKenzie)
1901 Main Street South, Watford City, ND 58854 701-842-2394 ext 29
Jay Frederick District Ranger Fax: 701-842-3008
Sheyenne National Grasslands
1601 Main Street South, P.O. Box 946, Lisbon, ND 58054-0946 701-683-4342
Bryan Stotts District Ranger Fax: 701-683-6816